Sunday, February 03, 2013

Valentine Pinterest Party - Check!

So... is it just me, or does it seem like most people like Pinning things on Pinterest more than they like, say... actually DOING them?

Well - I can be guilty of that myself, but I have been known to make my Pin Dreams come true from time to time! In fact, nearly every room in my house can prove that point!  So I decided to try to get my friends to gain the same satisfaction of actually crafting or baking something from one of their boards and sharing it 'in real life'!  (READ BELOW FOR TIPS ON HOSTING YOUR OWN PINTEREST PARTY!)

I thought about it back in December, but really - how many people could I get to come to a crafty party in the midst of all the holiday hoopla!? Oh sure - technically this would have been the perfect time... but I knew better!  As it is, my list of guests was small... (as I said - many Pin, but few follow through!) so I set my sights on Valentine's Day and the party planning began!

I wanted it fun, doable, and low key... I went to the Dollar Store (and WalMart) to get supplies for 2-3 crafts that we could do at the gathering.  I was planning for 6-8 so I needed the Pins to be inexpensive.  I am on a budget, but I wanted to bless my guests with a little make-n-take (or 2!)

We had a great time... everything was related to Pinterest, from the chocolate filled strawberries, roasted almonds, and jalepeno poppers, to the Grateful Heart Branches, Valentine's Tree, and Sharpie Mugs!
Here are some shots from our party:

(Pinterest Pin: Valentine Love Tree)

(Featuring Pinterest Pin: Valentine/Money Tree

A lot of fun!

So tips on hosting a Pinterest Party:
1. Give plenty of advance notice! (It takes time to go through all those Pins!)
2. Pick a theme or holiday - that makes it easier!
3. Invite more than you hope will attend!  Think of your crafting or cooking space and plan accordingly!
4. Ask Guests to let you know if they are planning a foodie pin or a crafty pin (or just pick one for everyone!)
5. Whether doing a craft or making a recipe together, do all the prep work ahead of time! This may make more work for you, but will help the party move along and keep it fun!
6. Pre-make whatever you plan for the party so you have a better idea! So many of the Pins LOOK or SOUND easy - but they don't quite turn out the same! Plus this way - if a guest is having a hard time, you can help them out!
7. Discourage Perfectionism! Many are intimidated by arts and crafts, and get down on themselves in the midst of trying... just encourage everyone to HAVE FUN!
8. Try to end the party on time.  If you set an end time - pay attention to that clock.  People are busy and if they showed up - you want to respect their time.  (I had said that my party would go from 2-4, but a couple of guests were late... so once we actually started the crafts, I let them know it would probably wrap up closer to 5... which was a good estimate and they were all fine with that!)

It was so much fun, in fact, that I am already thinking of things to make from my Easter Board! I am sure between now and then, I will have pinned a TON more options!

This was how we wrapped up the evening...

Yeah... in case there was any doubt - God proved Himself the Master Painter/Creator and painted an amazing Sunset! Gorgeous!

So - what about you?  Are you a Pinner only, or do you actually make some of the things you pin?


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