Monday, February 11, 2013

Winter is here... Craftiness has slowed...

I don't know about you but I have found that between January and March, I tend to slow WAY down on a lot of crafts and projects.  I don't know if it is the calm after the chaos of Christmas, or if it is the wintry cold weather that begs for a blankey and a book, rather than some scissors and glue... it's probably a bit of both, but I am finding I have hit a wall.

I had OH SO MUCH fun hosting a Pinterest Party (which you can read about HERE)... but when I washed the last dish and devoured the last chocolate-filled strawberry, I put away all thoughts of being crafty!

I am part of an online facebook group that gives a weekly challenge to create something... this week was to doodle your initial! So - I did pull out some watercolors and sharpies to doodle... (and hey - I had an extra mug left over from my Pinterest party... so I doodled on that too!)

But after that... I had nothing left.  No mojo to scrapbook or paint or glue anything!  Most of my creative attention lately has been focused on writing (which you can read what I've been writing on my other blog over HERE!)  But craftiness?  It has slowed...

No worries though... Valentine's Day is this week and while that {sadly} no longer means a classroom full of handmade cards and candies and baked goods... I DO still make a few handmade Valentine's cards for the fam and I am sure I WILL bake something for Valentine's Day for the neighbors or little nieces and nephews.  I have pulled out my Cricut (gasp!) and am in the process of making a couple of cards and little mini's.  I am sure I will browse Pinterest for some baking inspiration... I haven't even had any photo shoots lately - so not a lot of playing around with my camera lately either?

I did get a play date with two of my ADORABLE nephews and took a few shots...


And this one... from my window... (LOVING the Sunshine!)

What about YOU?  Do you have any Valentine's Day traditions?  Are you doing something fun and crafty that you can share with me to give me a bit of inspiration?

I'd love to hear!

(P.S. - Last night... just to stir up my creative juices - and to keep with my OneWord "Surprise" in being spontaneous and open.... I decided on the spur of the moment to host a painting party... I put it out there on facebook and already have a full table! So - hopefully we will get that on the calendar for something this week or next... we have to MAKE ourselves be creative in some seasons... but I know for me - I never regret making the time!)

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