Monday, February 18, 2013

Lingering Valentine's... and some new paintings!

Well due to our busy schedules - AND just the fact that I love Love... we managed to make Valentine's Day last a few more days!  We celebrated as a family on Friday night together and it was - as you can see - YUMMY!!!

My Honey bought us all three (myself, our girlie, and our longtime roommate/sister!) Valentine's cards with sweet words in them... as well as a tiny bit of chocolate and gifts! Mine were a bottle of wine to share and this adorable little Birdie with hearts... one says "Spread Love"... ah yes - he knows me well!

I finally pulled out some paints and a couple of blank canvases - just for the sheer joy of painting! I am loving the black silhouette - especially over the bright colors... and who doesn't love Glitter paint? I mean, really?

I am now prepping to host several painting parties in the next week or so... gathering the finished canvases to give out at an upcoming retreat!

What are YOU working on this week/month?

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Sarah Evans said...

I really love the dark silhouette on a colourful canvas idea too I have to say. It makes the words pop that little bit more too!

Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity