Monday, July 24, 2006

Unplugged... and Desperate?!

Hey there Everyone...

Um, OK - I am STILL without a Computer...

Now - most of you don't 'KNOW me' know me.... but for those of you who do... I know you understand! LOL! Sure- it very well me the Lord's way of getting me away from the computer and out actually DOING some stuff... not that I haven't been - but - ya know - time seems to evaporate when I am sitting on the computer!? Anyway - I HAVE enjoyed the time away... read a book (or two)... got another Sun Burn... (which - in itself is not so fun... but the getting it part was nice!)... actually cleaned the house... ALL of it... spent some one on one time with my daughter... and my Honey... so - overall - it's been good... I guess?!

The thing is - it was not the Hard Drive... so that is good - but it still won't work - so that is bad!
It turned out not to be the Mother Board... so that's good - but it still won't work - so that's bad!
It's not the RAM... Again... good - and bad
We are thinking it may be the casing?! Whatever THAT means?!
I just know that my Computer Guy - yes... thank GOD I even HAVE a "Computer Guy"... well - he is working on it today and is very sympathetic of the idea of not having a computer for so many days in a row... then again - he also blames me because it is, after all, an E-Machine. Apparently that is not so good... who knew?! (Other than him - I mean?!) So -hopefully he will have good news for me tonight... we shall see?!

I haven't even scrapped anything new... I DO have stuff to scrap - a trip to Boulder Caves (where my Honey broke his hand?!)... 4th of July... I even have my daughters last couple of days of school to scrap in her school album... But - we are still considering going to Boise on Friday - and I suppose it would be good if I had SOMETHING to Scrap while I am there?! We'll see!? (Darc' - we'll call you tonight and figure stuff out one way or the other!)

Just wanted to share... Oh - and hey... um - I know it's sad - but since I am not on my own computer - I don't have all your Blog links... I feel so out of touch?! I guess maybe I should get off my Mom's computer and maybe - sigh - CALL someone... yes - it has come to that, people?! (I HATE the phone... with a passion... just not a phone gal - would much rather chat online or better yet - in person over coffee or tea!)

I have been trying to book hotels in two cities - and without a computer I feel so lost?! LOL!? I know - it's just sad?! Anyway - I'm still here... sort of... but - by faith - I will be back SOON! (E-Machine or not!)

Scrap On!


natalie said...

I feel your pain! Being without a computer is so incredibly hard nowadays!!! How did we ever live without one before?!??!?! I try and walk away from the computer and think I've done a really good job if I stay away for an hour! Then, I sit right back down and have to force myself to get up...! Hope you are up and running soon!!

Corinna said...

OK... mine was down last week... or my internet that is... and I thought I might die! hugs to you and hopefully it will be fixed and ready to rock and roll again very soon!

Darcie said...

Hey, hopefully you will see this?! I am STILL in Vegas, lol! Was supposed to be home Monday, but Dan's job took longer than it should, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, I will be home really late tommorow (Wed) and will call on Thurs morning to see if you're still coming (love to see you!!). I'll email you some blog's again so when you get the chance to be on a computer you can "catch up" there anyway, lol. Okay, talk soon, miss you!!

Corinna said...

ok.... I know you are back up!!! wheres the update. dish is girl.
Can't wait to meet you!

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

Hola, Chica...

OK - Yes - I WAS back up - but then I came here and Darcie's computer was not working... but I refuse to take the credit for that one!

See ya tonight!!!