Monday, July 03, 2006

Left Hand...Broken!

Hey there...

Well - my PLAN to actually Scrap on Saturday faded away - although I must say I enjoyed my unproductive time of just sitting there staring at all my new supplies! I played around with layout ideas - but never quite got around to cutting or gluing... I couldn't decide on anything... then my dh came home and suggested a family movie night out... so we picked up our daughter and her friend and we all went out to see Cars... (LOVED it - by the way!!!)

Sunday after church we decided to head out to the hills and climb up to Boulder Caves - it is a popular spot not too far from here with bat caves... it was hot in town and we were hoping to cool off, enjoy a nice little hike, and relax up in the mountains with good friends... it started out that way! It was gorgeous - although apparently not high enough to be much cooler there!? We hiked to the caves and the kids were all ahead of us having a blast... they played in the river a bit and climbed some of the rocks... Then my dh decided that he wanted to climb up to get a better view of the waterfall...

Luckily - and by the grace of God - I did not see him fall... er - uh - 'slip' as he keeps saying. One of the guys that was with us however DID see it... and he refers to it as a Fall... not a slip! He also immediately asked over and over if Dave's chest was okay... and he made him a Sling to hold his hand up above his heart... Dave is a tough guy and never gets hurt... we pressed on through the cave and once we were back out in the light, I could see how swollen his hand really was! He was not wanting to complain or draw attention to himself - but i knew he was in pain and offered to hike back down with him, drive into town again and take him to the Medi-Center. When he quickly agreed - I knew it was bad! See - it's not that we are against doctors or anything - but we just don't 'do' them much at all. So for him to want to go - I knew something was wrong! Luckily we were able to let our kid stay there and play while we made our way back to town.

The X-ray showed that Dave's left hand is broken... this is hard to take because he is a musician... He is a guitar player and I can't tell you when the last time was that I haven't heard him playing something on the guitar... he plays everyday... and he is good - anointed even... it is so much a part of him - the thought (that the enemy clearly planted!) of him not ever playing again was simply just too much to take! Now we are waiting to hear from a Bone Specialist to see if they can set this - or if he will need surgery or what... we are praying that we will get in and get a good report! We are praying that God will heal it one way or the other!!!

So - scrap time?! Who can know... but clearly my attention is (thankfully!) peacefully resting elsewhere today!

I did take a few pictures - but for some reason my dh was not really up to me taking pictures of his broken hand?! Doesn't he know that this was a Scrapbook Moment?! Oh well - I did take a few of the kids though...

Anyway I am hoping to get a bit of scrapping in this week - but as I said - it is not nearly as important as it all seemed on Saturday!

Happy Scrapping!


Natalie said...

OMG, that is terrible...I will be praying that his hand heals quickly for him!

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

Thanks Natalie! We appreciate all the prayers we are getting! The Body is an amazing thing... (I mean - body as in physical body, and "Body" as in Body of Christ!) Thanks again! We just got a Dr Apt for Wed morning...


JenniferO said...

Hey Karrilee!

So glad you found me again! It has been so busy with the summer!

I know how tough it is to have a broken bone...especially during the summer! Megan broke her leg when she was 2 and it was horrible because she couldn't get the cast wet, and it was hot and sweaty.

Hope all is well otherwise!