Monday, July 10, 2006

Ahhhh - Color-coded Cardstock, & Glass Jars of Ribbons!!!

Yes... it is true! It was beyond time to organize (again!) my Scrap area... I am not lucky enough to have a whole ROOM ...yet?! For now -I occupy a corner of our Family Room and call it my Scrap Area... and yes - it does seem to grow... I have a great table that I can make larger when needed... a few cabinets full of supplies... some containers that hold all my papers... some Retro looking Glass Jars for my Ribbon and Fibers... Expanding file folders for all those scraps I just can't seem to throw away... and after a few projects in a row... it seems that my Scrap Area explodes over to the Coffee table and the surrounding square footage floor around my table... scraps and stickers, tags, and (if I'm lucky) adhesives are piled up on my table (aka work space) along with stamp sets and ink pads and paper cutters... sigh.

Yes - it was time! So - yesterday I spent nearly 5 hours organizing my papers - ALL of them - patterned paper, cardstock, scraps, all of it... color coded and filed where it is SUPPOSED to be... and then I took out all of my Ribbon stash and re-wound it and put it back in place as well! I need to go through all my little containers that hold embellishments and tags... eyelets and brads... and (gasp - the horror of it all) I should probably downsize on some of my stamp sets again... ?!!? I DID take pictures of my new organization - but Blogger won't load 'em - again?! Not sure what is up with that?! Oh well... you'll just have to take my word for it... I can see nearly ALL of my table top!?

So - for now - I am happy! I can see my workspace again... and I am happy just to flip through all my patterned paper and think of the possibilities!!! I may even want to scrap something again soon... !??! Hate to mess it all up!? LOL! I can be fairly good at picking up after myself in the beginning stages of a newly organized space... but after a few jobs in a row - as I mentioned already - some sort of combustion happens and I am forced to scrap on the floor in front of the TV watching Princess Bride or Pride and Prejudice...again... ?!

Anyway - Happy Scrapping! May your creative juices flow freely, your paper be color-coded, and your Ribbons all have Happy Homes!!!


natalie said...

Nothing like cleaning and organizing your scrap space to make you feel energized and creative!!! Good for you! OH, and BTW, Pride and Prejudice (The mini-series with Colin Firth) is a personal favorite!!! :)

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

Love, Love, LOVE the A&E Mini-Series!!! Colin Firth IS Mr. Darcy!!! I also liked the 2005 theatrical remake and there is a Mormon/Modern-day version that is a crack up too... but yes - how can one beat out FIVE HOURS of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy?!?!? I submit that it can not be beaten!

natalie said...

LOL. I also read a book that was a murder mystery type featuring none other than Mr. Darcy and Mrs. Darcy. I'm trying to remember the name of the was a slight twist on the name...dang...can't remember now...but, it was a good little read about their lives as newlyweds along with the Bingfords...enjoyable!

Corinna said...

ah yes.... organizing... and I see natalie has made her way over here... she is the organizing queen!!! good luck and if I could offer any advise... just keep going... right natalie!!!

Darcie said...

Go Karri!! So, when you come here you will organize my room-yes?! My papers are only minimaly sorted & ribbon is everywhere!

Perhaps my room is a good place to disappear (hide from mil)...I could say I'm doing laundry? Of course, I'll be watching Grease, lol!