Friday, July 07, 2006


Hey there...

Well - I finished three double page layouts using all my fun Chatterbox stuff... just not sure if I can post them here or not... need to e-mail them and find out...(I know they will post them on their Blog soon!)

We went to the Bone Specialist on Wednesday and got a Good report! Praise God! The Doctor actually said that he would not suggest surgery unless we really wanted it... it could warrant surgery - but he didn't feel it was necessary and it looked like the bone would rebuild itself and not really have any lasting effects on his range of motion and all that good stuff! So - that is a HUGE Praise Report... (thanks for the prayers!!!)

My hubby was actually playing his guitar last night... with his one good hand! LOL! It had been all of 2 days and that is honestly the longest he has ever gone without playing it (at least when one has been within hands reach, anyway!) He was practicing on some picking - since that is all he can do with his right hand... still - it was literally Music to my ears to hear him play!!!

I will see if I can post my latest layouts... Oh - I did work on a few frames too... I can post those I know!

Happy Scrapping!


Darcie said...

Hey there,
Cool frames, you have been busy! My chatterbox has arrived!!! :o) Corinna & Natalie are coming to scrap tommorow, so I will make some layouts with it then. Now, I must say I don't like your black background. It just doesn't seem "you"?! Plus, you know I';m blind & it's hard to read, lol! It was great visiting you again, hope you make it here soon!!

JenniferO said...

Karrilee...these look great!

I got a couple pages scrapped the other day, but haven't done too much lately!