Wednesday, September 13, 2006

50 Things...a Random List of Things I Love!

Hey there

I stole this idea/post from my friend Darice... who apparently didn't have it in her to give us all a "real" update... LOL!

I made a list like this a few years back and scrapbooked it... still one of my favorite pages - even though it is dated - because it is still so true today!

Anyway - I will made a new one... Here is an updated "Random list of Things I love..."
...50 things that make me happy!

1. Being Dave's Wife
2. Being a Mom
3. Jesus
4. Hydrangeas
5. Walking on the Beach
6. Spring & Fall
7. Butterflies Flying & Birds Singing
8. Goodnight Kisses & Morning Hugs
9. Fresh Flowers
10. Candles, Lotions, & Potions
11. Chatting Online with Far Away Friends
12. A Good Book and a Blankey
13. Driving on a Lush Forest, Windy Road
14. My President!
15. Warm Sunshine and a Cool Breeze
16. Blog Stalking!
17. Having Kayelyn sing to me!
18. A New Magazine & A Quiet Hour to enjoy it!
19. Picnics in the Park
20. James Taylor on a Road Trip
21. A Good Chick Flick!
22. S'mores around a Camp Fire
23. Getting a Great Deal
24. Watching Kayelyn sleep
25. Family Walks and Time on the Porch Swing!
26. Birthdays & Christmas Morning
27. Mint Iced Tea with my sister
28. Scrapbooking or Crafting with Friends
29. Love Notes from Dave
30. Intercessory Prayer on Tuesdays!
31. Tiered Dishes & Silver
32. Hot Bubble bath with Candles and Soft Music
33. Sunday Dinner with the whole family
34. Old Photographs
35. New Shoes
36. Having Jonah (our cat) curl up on my lap!
37. My niece Karianna's Laugh
38. Shopping with a Girlfriend
39. Jazz Music
40. Cheesecake
41. A New Journal!
42. Worshipping with Jack & Dave on guitar
43. Freedom & Liberty - America!!!
44. Sunsets
45. Laughing out Loud - literally!
46. Seeing Kayelyn worship God
47. Warm Soft Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies
48. Silver Jewelry - anything that SPARKLES!!!
49. Leavenworth in October
50. Summer vacation at the Beach!

Basically - My LIFE!

So - what are some things that make you happy!?

Scrap Happy!

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moved to iowa said...

copycat, LOL!

Great list, I want to do lists like this more often after seeing the adorable album Natalie did (called list yourself-all cool lists of everyday kind of stuff).