Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Here's the 'Proof'! My "Ohio"/"Wisconsin"/"MidWest" Layout... with pull out
and my Mother/Daughter Trip Layout!
Aaaahhhh.... how sweet it is to be all caught up! tee hee!?
I know, I know... I'm just asking for smack, now!?
(Actually - if I am honest - I have one half of a layout that is STILL on hold waiting for a football embellishment and then there IS my dd's First Day of Middle School... which I did NOT get pictures AT the school because SOME people insisted that those days are OVER with Elementary school!? Anyway - Haven't purchased a new School Album yet...
But... other than those two items - I am truly current!
Scrap On!


Corinna said...

I woudn't know what to do if I was caught up!??? I might have a panic attack... oh wait, I have those anyways! ROTFLMBO!

I suppose I could/would feel like I could rescrap a few of my fav's... cause I never do that now.

Great job on you latest!

na said...

OMG, that is hysterical...OK, first Corinna: are you saying that IF you were caught up you would RE-SCRAP MORE of the same photos? Is that even possible? LOL.

Second, Miss K...I want to know what you will do if you: have a birthday, Christmas tree decorating party, holiday get together, school play, another birthday, Christmas eve, Christmas day, New Years Eve, a snow day, and a vacation all in ONE weeks time?? How in the world would you stay caught up then?!?!?! Come on, tell us...I'll wait.
Third: I'm just curious...how many pictures do you take, say in a months time? Perhaps I am doing something wrong.

Darcie said...

Surprise, surprise, Karri is annoyingly caught up AGAIN!?

Seriously, is she not violating some sort of scrappers law with that?

I made sure I took hundreds more photos while in TN, so I can keep be assured I will NEVER be caught up, lol.

Maybe if I go back to the good ole, creative memories style I would stand a sliver of a chance? Nah, not worth it-I like my pages taking hours to complete & really be happy with (most) of them, LOL!!!

Ahhh, I love ya even if you are caught up, lol!!!

Darcie said...

What, no come back smack, lol!? When do you scrap at church again? Is it just once a month or more?
Talk soon!

natalie said...

Are you too busy keeping caught up to update your blog?

Yep, you have been infiltrated into the Smack World. Welcome. Pull up a chair and have a piece of cake.

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

Mmmmm.... I like CAKE!!!