Wednesday, September 13, 2006

OK... a "Real" U[pdate!!!

I figured I had better give a Real Update after my last post (talking smack to Darcie about her lack of a real one)...

So - not much Scrapping news to report...

No - I have NOT yet scrapped those photo's from Ohio!? I know... what Discipline I have?! What restraint!? It is quite amazing, if I DO say so myself!? LOL!

Actually - it is just because life has gotten busy - ahhh, ya gotta love the beginning of a new season! All of our weekly meetings and scheduled events start back up after taking the Summer off - and it takes a few weeks or so until it feels 'normal' again!

Much of last week was really spent focusing on teaching rather than crafty projects - but it was time well spent and I am glad for the opportunity! Today - though - I HAVE to get off this computer and work on some handmade cards... I have several birthdays coming up and I need to make cards to give, and cards to give as gifts... That is my plan for this afternoon!? We shall see?!

After all of Nat's talk of a second wedding - and to Colin Firth, no less?! - I went on eBay and 'won' (my husband hates when I call it 'winning'! LOL! He always, ALWAYS corrects me and says: "It is not Winning - it is Buying!?" LOL?! Same thing?!?!) Anyway - I "Won" the dreamy 5 hour long Colin Firth version of Mr. Darcy (aka Pride and Prejudice!) Oh yes - I did... and I paid only $12, people!!!! So - I have 5 hours to scrapbook or craft coming on VERY soon! (Um - well - ya know - as soon as it arrives in my mailbox!?)

I did go meet a lady yesterday who scrapbooks and houses groups in her home. She is a friend of a friend and heard that I was starting a new Scrap Group. She was hoping I would have it there... we shall see... I am already signed up to have it at the church - so I think I will stay there at least in the beginning... she is great though and we plan on scrapping together in her space soon! She gives workshops and stuff too... and she sells (Gasp... close your eyes, Darcie... skip over this part!) Close to My Heart stuff... I had heard so much about her Scrapbook Space that in my mind I was seeing visions of Becky Higgins' set up - and while it IS very nice... and stalked, which is always fun... Still - Natalie and Corinna both have bigger spaces... Darcie too if you could find your way around down there?! =oP But - she is willing to open up her entire house if I need it!? So - it's a great connection and we will see what God has planned for that!

So - the other great thing that has happened this week is my husband's good report from the doctor! No more cast needed, no surgery, no physical therapy... it is healing on it's own and he guessed that by Christmas he should be able to do everything that he could do before! Praise the Lord!!! That was GREAT news... and right in line with what we were praying for! Of course - we'd like him to be completely well before Christmas - and God can do that... but the good Dr. report was definitely a Praise!

My daughter is still loving Middle School... we have Open House tomorrow night... my husband said, "We have to go again?!" Um - ??? Yes!? I corrected him and said, "You mean, we GET to go again!?" LOL! She loves her teachers and is meeting other kids... hasn't once voiced any regrets in not choosing the other Pack where her friends are... so that is great! She has an assignment in Choir to work on an American Idol Audition duet we will have a friend over today after school and they are hoping to agree on a SuperChick song to sing! Should be fun!

My Scrapbook Group will start NEXT Thursday... (9/21) in case any of you want to 'drop' in... Ohio isn't too far away, really!? "If you think about it... that's all I'm trying to say... if you really think about it... that's all..." (I heard ya'll listened to Brian Regan... isn't he just TOO funny!?)

So - since I am working on cards today... I am guessing I will save those vacation pictures to work on at the first meeting... of course - I am hoping to create some sort of fun little Ice Breaker project too to help the ladies all get to know each other... although - I am pretty sure that a lot of them will already be friends... I am thinking I am probably the newest one to the church?! LOL!? Oh well - it will give ME a chance to get to know all of them?! Any brilliant ideas for that?! I am thinking maybe a quiz or something that they can fill out and we can go over... and then they can work on a layout using it... I may encourage them to do one new project in between meetings each month - so we all have something new to share with a similar theme?! Not sure if they will go for that!? Anyway - I am open to suggestions or ideas?!

Til next time,
Take LUCK!!!
(if you have it... take it & take good care of it...
take care of the Luck you have...
take it... & care for it...)
Scrap Happy!

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moved to Iowa... said...

LOL!!!! I heart Brian Regan. :op

Anyway, for your church scrap night why don't you do some challenges like we do at the store? You have a list of a few things, like painting, using buttons & using decorative scissors. Give out a small prize for whoever completes the challenges (candy, stickers, a card, etc). Lot's of fun & encourages them to try new things & show their projects to each other too.

Also, you could have a "swap" for supplies you no longer want/need and whatever get's left you just keep in a box for next time. Good way to recycle stuff.

Hope my ideas help a little! :o) Signing off from Iowa....