Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Ohio Pictures... DONE!

Hey there Everyone...

Well - yes - I know... this week ya'll out there in the midwest somewhere have felt a bit of my pain... I too have had to learn to live without DarcEE A---... (and you thought I would tell you Na!?) She SHOULD be back by NOW!? I would not put it above her to stop by your houses before going home to see her own family... LOL! I'm just sayin'... I'm sure she missed you all - and Oh you can BET that she will have some stories to share!!! I feel a LATE F-U-N night crop comin' on SOON! (Lucky?!)

So - My Scrap Happy Group went great... only had a total of 6... was expecting more like 9 or 10... but that is okay - 6 was plenty and I know it will grow as word gets out about it! I did manage to get my "Wisconsin" pictures done... and after ALL that WAITING... I made them fit onto one 12x12 (2 page) Spread! (um... LOL... with a pull out?!) But still... that is pretty good for me?! I also scrapped my Mother/Daughter trip with my dd in August... so - now - you can all say it with me - I am ALL CAUGHT UP!!!?

Over the weekend I bought the newer theater version of Pride & Prejudice... so now I own both versions - the A&E 5 hour mini-series version, and the FOCUS film version... my daughter wants me to buy the 'modernized' version too... and while it IS quirky and funny - it is just not the same?!

No worries though ladies, I am taking a day trip to Leavenworth on Thursday and I plan on making a mini-gift album with photo's from that trip for my sister's birthday... so I DO have something to work on... well - I WILL this weekend?! Also - I do have a client that is waiting for me to make a few frameable layouts too... I am praying that my business will pick up as we get closer to Christmas... oh yes - and then there is that other secret project I am working on... if 'people' would just respond to my questions and so I could get started on that, that would be GREAT!?!??! (yeah - Darcie - I am talkin' to YOU!)

So - a busy week... no school on Monday!? Why!? It was a 'teacher training' day - but really it was Snyder's Day at the Fair... which- we didn't go to... we are going tomorrow when the ride lines will be SHORTER!!! So - Monday my daughter was at a friends all day - so I read an entire book... oh yeah - and watched Mr. Darcy... and then today was my prayer meeting in the morning and a home study in the afternoon... tomorrow is a Bible Study at church and then possibly the Fair... Thursday is a Day Trip out of town with my Mom and one sister... and Friday... hmmm... Well - you know - Friday I will be scrapping my pictures from Thursday, I am pretty sure?!

Hope you are all doing well - scrapping happy, and welcoming DarcEE home the way only DarcEE can deserve!!!

Scrap On!

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na said...

Oh, there is no one more yummy that Mr. Darcy...WOW...he is just so enjoyable to watch...even for five hours!!!!

Caught up...please! DOn't want to hear it!