Monday, September 18, 2006

Scrap Happy Begins this week!

OK... Update... here it is:

Well - Sunday went great... I have about a dozen women signed up to join my new Scrap Happy Scrapbook Group! (That is THIS Thursday for those of you in Ohio that want to drop in!)

I was pleased with my display... amazing what you can do with half a table?! I am sure that my years of helping out my mother-in-law with bazaars came in handy... and the fact that I was able to go UP once I realized I wasn't able to spread OUT... Anyway - here are a few pictures of my Links table: (OK - whatever... I TRIED to upload the photo's of my Table... once again - Blogger will not upload my pictures?!) Just know that it rocked! LOL!

I had fun talking with people and getting to see those who were interested - and those that were interested but too busy?! LOL?! (what is that... aren't we all!?!?) Priorities, people?! LOL!?

So - I helped to set up on Friday... Saturday I took a few pictures for my Challenge Project and went to the Scrap store... yes - Darcie - I DID need glue as a matter of fact!!?!? Plus I got some fun rub on's from Autumn Leaves... match the paper I was planning on using... and Sunday was out big sign up day. The entire day was focused on the importance of Small groups and how vital it is to have relationships and build on them... it was really good - the best part was the clips that they showed that were a Spoof on The Office... the Home Group Leader was Michael-like, and the Assistant (to the) Leader was very much Dwight-ish! It was TOO funny!

So - this week is crazy busy - but I am hoping to pick up my photo's today and scrap those this evening... (while watching Deal or No Deal possibly?!) Tomorrow is Prayer and then volunteering at the Middle School... helping out with school pictures and ASB cards... too fun! Wednesday is my new Ladies Bible Study (Bad Girls of the Bible) and Thursday is Scrap Happy's official first night!!! So - all of that to say - I can not promise an update anytime soon ladies... I can only do what I can do! LOL! I CAN however attempt to upload some pictures of my layouts as soon as they are complete... other than that - just know that I am thinking of you all and hoping you find time this week to ...yep - you guessed it... "Scrap Happy!"



Darcie said...

Ooooh, how fun!!! See, I kept thinking your group started last Friday-so as usual I was on my own schedule & mixed up, lol! Everything looks great though & it sounds like you will have a good size group. Good luck & have fun!!!

Bad girls of the Bible is great, I love the way the book is presented using fiction & non-fiction so it's understandable for everyone, regardless of where they are in their walk. I'm sure you'll love the study. :o) I really enjoyed her book Mad Mary too if you haven't read that one.

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

Yes but have you read the book with the eyeball thingy?!!??!?!?!!! THIS is what I NEED to know!!!?!??! LOL!


natalie said...

You busy beaver! Your group(s) sound fun...hey, I don't give smack, do I? I'm the smack-less one in Kentucky.

books-r-us said...

The book with the eyeball thing?

What you talkin' bout Willis?

Is it that Ted Decker book I bought while you were here? That one is next!

I'm reading Frank Pretti's "Monster" right now. Started off nice & dramatic, kinda slow now. :o( Still interesting & good, but it went a different direction than what I wanted, lol. I'm sure it will pick up again soon.

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

Yeah - I am talking about the Ted Dekker one... Oh - You will KNOW what I am talking about pretty much right away! LOL! Only - now - for you - it won't be as unexpected and completely headache inducing and disturbingly thought out and possibly researched as it was for me - who was not expecting ANYTHING like that at all!? LOL?! (Yeah - sorry for taking that moment from you - it was priceless... and it was also why I stopped reading that book!?) Enjoy!