Thursday, September 14, 2006

Project...Done! Next!!!?

Hey there...

Well - as I have mentioned, I have been busy creating hand made cards yesterday and today... to give for birthday cards - and to give as gifts... I have these Craft-Challenged friends who actually LOVE getting handmade blank cards to give away... I started doing this one year with these few friends because their birthdays all three come nearly in a row and I was sadly broke... I felt a tad bit cheap for doing it - after all most of the supplies were things I had on hand... but - it was from my heart and I knew that they would use them... turns out they LOVED the idea... and then - after making my own cards for nearly a decade, I went card shopping one day!? I thought - Hey - wait a minute - this is not a cheap gift!? LOL!? When did cards go up to price of a Latte?! LOL?! Or a Cardigan!?

Anyway - I get to play with all my papers and stamps and just make a bunch of blank all occasion cards and it's always nice to do a project that you can start and finish within a day or two!? So... I am done with these gifts... and 'next' - well - you know it will be those Ohio pictures! First though - actually - I have to set up a display table to promote my new Scrapbook group... that is tomorrow! ...AND THEN I will scrapbook my own stuff... Oh yes - and I AM still working on a gift Project - but it is that one that forces me to wait on other people to do their part first.... I know the Lord is working Patience in me on this one - but I just wish He would hurry it up already!? I got supplies and plans in mind... just need the WORDS people - and no, they can't be all my own?! Otherwise, you KNOW I would be done by now?!!?!!

So - Hope your week is going great... one more day!!!
Scrap Happy!


patience??? said...

Oh my goodness-so many secret refrences to me in this one!? LOL!

Great projects, love the sign & I hope the group goes well-does Janice get to come?

Yeah, a store-bought card does cost as much as a latte or a good k-mart cardigan. :op should visit again...maybe in say October for a certain "old ladys" 40th birthday trip??? ;O)

Yeah, yeah, I am here to try your patience. First witht he pictures & now the surprise, lol!

Hee hee hee...

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

Oh no you didn't?!?!?!

You are evil!?!!
tee hee!


Corinna said...

OHIO!!! I want to visit!!! can I please!

on another more "serious note"
Cool project!

house of gluttoney said...

Come to Ohio, visit Darcie's amazing house of gluttoney!! Take pictures or wait forever to get her's. Either way it's a good time for all!

Don't forget to wear your favorite cardigan, and bring those photo tabs (blue stickey tabs that make a huge mess, you know) because the bigger the mess the better!!

We'll be working on Darcie's Mexico album-if everyone just does 10 pages per hour of her parasailing we should be done in just 3-4 nights of scrapping!