Monday, October 02, 2006

Enough "Cake" already... here's an Update!

Yes... it is true - I HAVE been super busy this past week... but none of it was Scrapbook related?! I know?! How can that be?!?!!? Ooooohh..... that's right... I AM ALL CAUGHT UP!?!??! tee hee!?

So... last week was a FULL week of activities for me... more so than usual even!? (Somehow?!)

Monday was a "Teacher Training" day for our school district... (so I feel your pain this Friday, girls!) so that pushed my normal Monday errands to Tuesday... my daughter had spent the night at her best friends' house on Sunday and so I actually read an entire book on Monday... plus I did a little bit around the house too... but not much! Mostly I revelled in the quiet and empty house! Ahhhh... sweet!

Tuesday was my Prayer meeting in the morning and then my Monday study in the afternoon!?

Wednesday was my Bible Study, and then it was Fair Day! Yes... we took our daughter and her friend to the Fair ...let 'em cut school and everything! We had fun... and they had even MORE fun... went on ALL the rides several times... even those scary ones that it seems, as a good Mom, you shouldn't maybe LET your kids go on upside down and all... I always joke with my daughter that she causes me to pray in tongues when she rides those rides... which is not completely a joke... and then she came off of the Ring Of Fire and said she was praying in tongues TOO! LOL! So - I guess when you are 11 - that is a GOOD ride!? We let the girls skip their Wed night church group and we stayed at the Fair until maybe 8 or 9... (It WAS still a school night?!)

Thursday I took my Mom and sister away for a day! Now - you have to know, my family - well - they pretty much do NOTHING... like - that IS their hobby - doing nothing?! LOL! My Mom is retired and she pretty much likes to watch the news 24/7 and maybe Lifetime TV... she rarely goes OUT anymore... and my sister is a self-supported Artist... so she works from home 24/7 and rarely goes OUT anymore either?! I stole them for a day trip to Leavenworth... a gorgeous little town somewhere in the PNW (it's in Idaho, I think!?) with a German/Scandinavian feel... it was the unofficial beginning of Oktoberfest and the colors are all just starting to change... it's a great little Touristy town and we had a blast! Well - I had a blast... I am pretty sure that they enjoyed it too!? I am used to traveling and shopping and just being OUT... while they are not... so they tired quickly and didn't seem to appreciate the scenery as much as I would have liked... but we still had fun shopping and dining and driving... it was a nice change of pace... and so nice to remember that this little treasure of a town is a few hours away!? I got home in the early evening and we went to pick up my daughter from her first GC Home Group! (GC = Generation Church - which is our churches' Youth Group!) I am not ready for her to go to a "Youth Group" per say - but this is a home meeting/small group of Middle School & Jr High girls... and I love the couple who are hosting it... my dd LOVED this group! She was so excited... My husband and I are pretty much wired that one small home group way... when we became Christians - we got involved in a small group right away and it is there that we made many lasting friendships and really grew in our love and understanding of God... anyway - she was thrilled to have a group of her own and she even met a few 'upperclassmen' - so - that will help in the future I am sure?!

Friday I somehow volunteered to help decorate our Sanctuary! We had a special service on Sunday that was focused on worship and the Worship and Arts Pastor wanted to create a more intimate atmosphere... hmmm... ok - I can do that... however - our Sanctuary is HUGE... hard to create intimate with that much space?! I don't know what I was thinking - but I figured about two hours... well - it took most of Friday... but it did turn out great... I had just enough time to go buy Paint for my bathroom and then it was time to go Chaperon the School Social... my daughter was not allowed to go to the dance part... in the gym with the live DJ... (I just think she is way too young for THAT!??!?!) but she did hang out with her friends in the Common area... with all the snacks and Fear Factor challenges and games and Karaoke... she had fun and with the exception of two songs on the Karaoke machine that I thought were inappropriate... it was a fun, harmless time... I think the real trouble happens in the Gym!? LOL!? We all went out for dinner at Taco Del Mar (YUM!) and then we rented RV... funnier than I was expecting... I was pleasantly surprised!

So - Saturday - well - that was Paint day! I managed to get it all done in one day... not that my bathroom is BIG or anything... but I had to really clean the walls and ceiling first and then tape and all of that... today I will do all the rest of the edging and touch up's and it will be done! (In time for Bunko on Thursday... which was what possessed me to do it in the first place?!) LOL!

Sunday - well - it was church and then relaxing with the fam' and then my in-laws for a birthday dinner and a football game... a sad, sad, sad football game!? Anyway - so - that is why I have not updated... I didn't really even have much time to leave you all any smack on your blogs?!

I am hoping to get to work on that secret project this week though... DarcEE - c'mon already!? I need your ANSWERS girl!? I will have to actually CALL people on the PHONE this week...?!!? you know how I HATE that!?

Anyway - that is my update... nothing too special... just lots of little things that took up my time last week... I DO have pictures to order now from Leavenworth... and I am planning on making a Mini of our trip for my sister's birthday... but that won't take but a few hours... that's right Darcie - I said it... a few HOURS!!?!? Not like Mexico!!

Until next time,
Scrap On!

P.S. YES - you KNOW I have pictures for you - - - but you know me and my problems with Blooger?! I will try to add them later... again?!


na said...

Your little trip sounds simply delightful. How fun. Sometimes we forget to just go and enjoy ourselves and let the other things go. I have a hard time leaving my house too...

Oh my, now it looks like you are a good two events out of being "caught up", let me ask you: do you toss and turn knowing that there are photos sitting there, waiting for you? Do you have a secondary craft/hobby that you do to keep you busy (besides errands and meeting groups) while you wait patiently for another holiday or photo opportunity? Long time ago when I was pregnant with child number three and I was, for all intents and purposes (not the super old parent stack of photos and WAY before the influx of the "mini albums") caught up I used to keep a running tab of how many pages I needed to do to continue to be caught you do any tracking of any kind?

What is "praying in tongues"?

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

Yes... all too often we forget to 'schedule' our own special time... I have only one child - and so I know it seems lame because you all have - well - multiples... but I try to schedule time for myself every now and then anyway! It was a great day - relaxing and fun and new scenery... sometimes we just need a different view... or a different perspective of our same view... to give us that refreshing that we need!

So... yes... 'caught up'... hmm - well - I don't actually HAVE these pictures in a stack waiting for me... as you see - well - that just doesn't happen!? I WOULD toss and turn... so I just don't order them until I know I have enough to actually pull out all of my scrap supplies and then I order them and immediately (within the hour) go pick them up! Did someone say "Obsessive"!? Yeah - I know... but hey... look who's caught up!? LOL!?

And I would just like to say "for the record" ...that I do not keep a running tab of any sort like that... that is just... well - that is beyond Obsessive and quite possibly moves over to anal or OCD... Did you keep that "runnin' tab" in a Notebook!? (...I'm just sayin'...)

Praying in tongues... hmm - that is a whole other topic... it's basically praying in an unknown (at least to you) language... some call it your heavenly language... It's your spirit praying with the Holy Spirit... which to me basically just means it is a prayer that I absolutely cannot mess up!? It is praying in agreement with what God wants... You can read about it in the Bible in Acts, Chapter 2.

So - anyone else notice Miss Darcie STILL hasn't updated yet?!!?


busy trailer park girl said...

Oh jeeze, someone else updated...I won't be able to hold out much longer, na already put (gasp)LYRICS on my blog!?

Leavenworth, a beautiful little town, and I do think it may be WAY up north in Idaho, lol. I haven't been there since I was a kid, with my grandparents. It was one of my favorite places to go, I hated the car ride, but when we got there my grandpa would go behind my obsessivly clean grandma's back & let us get BLACK licorice ice cream!!! It was fabulous, and we would laugh all afternoon about it. :o)

Let's see, I need to do so much for you, lol! There's the CBX stuff to ship (I'm headed to the post office tommorow afternoon after the carpet cleaning!) and the ever pressing "secret" project. I looked over the questions again, I just can't come up with the right words-I am not so "wordy" ya know?! But then again maybe it's just my little way of making you call me. You'll never know for sure...

Hey, you want to buy a cookbook or two? If you do I could send them with your cbx stuff. Let me know.

oops.... said...

Awwww crap. I just realized it was YOU that left me lyrics! And I went & left "strike back" lyrics on her blog. Kinda makes them even funnier, LOL.

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

Um... yeah - Darcie... I fought the Law... and I won!

I want my CBX stuff... hey - would any of it work with Leavenworth Pictures?! Because - well - God knows I can not wait on YOU AGAIN to get caught up with my scrapping?!

Black Licorice Ice Cream... that is just wrong on so many levels... and yet - I understand better why you loved your Grandpa so much now!

As for the 'secret project' - you don't need to be wordy or all mushy... YOU my friend have PRICELESS pictures I know... so your answers can be short and sweet... (or not!?) and we'll just add a few pictures!? LOL! Don't MAKE me CALL you!??!?!

I am sure the recipe book rocks... but, apparently I have as much a chance of getting one of those as some handmade embroidered tea towels?! (With Monkey's on them!?)Too bad?!


have your cake & eat it too said...

I want cake!

It's Tuesday afternoon already, lol!

don't want to leave you out! said...

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na said...

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bus driver said...

When I was teaching 2 year olds at church (yeah, they let ME do that, lol) wheels on the bus was their favorite song to do. So cute, they loved the shh shh shh part. :o) Ashlyn's favorite part is the "move on back" (which isn't in here?!) lol.