Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Counting Blessings

Hey there... Yes - a Thanksgiving Post...
You all know how I LOVE Fall... and Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday - it sets the tone and mood for me for the chaos that come sat us starting on Friday!?
So- in honor of the holiday - and also paying tribute to our Family Blessing Box... I wanted to encourage you all (especially the ones with younger kids!) to go out and buy a copy of "Counting Blessings" by Debby Boone (yes - THAT Debby Boone!). It is SUCH a great children's book and has such a great lesson in living a Thankful life! Seriously - find this book!
I will take a suggestion from the book and count my blessings A-Z!
A= Aggetts - every last one of them! I am so thankful for them!
B= Brian Regan! LOL! Seriously - I love this man! Besides, Laughter is good for your health!
C= Chatting with Online Friends/Bloggers/Bible study friends
D= Dave... this man amazes me every single day! I can't say enough about how good he is!
E= E-mail - it is how I stay connected to those I love who are far away (and who are close by!)
F= Friends - each one is a blessing in different ways!
G= God - the biggest and best blessing ever!
H= Home Business - Blessed Memories Scrapbooks - I love what I do and it is such a blessing to share my passion!
I= Integrity... to have it and to find it!
J= Joy - I am blessed with a joyful heart - and it IS good like medicine!
K= Kayelyn - among my Top Three! I adore her... even in these hormonal changing times!
L= Love - this is what we are called to do - everyday - all the time!
M= Make-overs - whether that means a new hairdo or a new Scrap Space... LOVE that kind of change!!!
N= New Scrap Supplies! What is better than a bag full of new scrap stuff?!
(Can life get better?! I submit that it cannot!)
O= Online Shopping!
(Yeah - I agree with Na - no lines, no stress, no crowds! PLUS - Presents arrive at your door!)
P= Prayer Meeting on Tuesdays... HUGE Blessings each week!
Q= Quiet Time - I love that I have time in the mornings or afternoons to simply sit and be quiet and listen and think and write and hear from God! What a blessing!
R= Right-standing (with God, first - and then with others in my life!) Praise God for forgivenenss and grace and Right standing!!!
S= Stone Church - it's nice to have a 'home' again!
T= Truth in Love... I love it when I discover truth - when I rely on it - and when it is shaerd in and with love!
U= Understanding & Compassion! again... to give it and find it! Priceless!
V= Victory over circumstances, obstacles, the enemy. All good!
W= The Word - Reading, Studying, and Feeding on the Bible blesses me in SO many ways!
X= Xylphones... ok - not really - but what would YOU have put?! LOL!? How about (since I am a fan of the 70's and 80's...) Xanadu! It's a real word - and it means "an idyllic, exotic, or luxurious place." I suppose my Xanadu would be the Beach! I LOVE the beach and am blessed to live in a place where we can visit often!!! It's not so exotic I guess - but idyllis and luxurious - oh yeah! That it is!
Y= You! Seriously - if you are reading this - you can know that I count you among my blessings!
Z= In the Zone - it doesn't matter what it is - but whatever you are doing and you hit that 'zone' where you know it is working and everything is flowing and things are going your way - gotta love being In the Zone!
So - there ya go... there are several things I could add for most of the letters - I encourage you to make your own list of Blessings from A-Z! Share it here or scrap it!
Either way - reflect and Give Thanks!


Anonymous said...

OH what a fun post!
I think I just might have to copy cat it sometime;)
Thanks for sharing!

Darcie said...

Cool list! Think I'll have the kids work on one all together tommorow while I cook the bird. :o)

na na na na na said...

Fun way to count your blessings. Happy Thanksgiving...

p.s. online shopping does totally rock. My "gifts" are just now starting to arrive. Love it.

p.s.s. how will you handle the unofficial change of seasons on friday to...hold on...gasp...WINTER??????

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

OH Na... tomorrow 'unofficial' change is SOOOOooooo unofficial! LOL! However, the only bright spot is that tomorrow... (or soon after anyway!?) I get to decorate for Hanukkah & Christmas!!! I am one of those people who literally decorates every single room! LOVE LOVE LOVE It!!! So - that helps get me through the transition of Fall... I go from Fall to Christmas... and THEN Winter hits hard... (You know I decorate for Valentine's day too... just to get me through!)

Oh yeah - and Na... I woke up this morning praying for you... know that God has you on His heart today!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone (Officially this time... since it IS today!!!)

waiting & waiting said...

Can't wait for an update...

Artist: Hilary Duff
Song: I Can't Wait

how it happens i dont care
if its raining
or what i wear
i know today is takin me where im meant to be
doesnt matter where i go
with my point shoes
or my rock star phone
im waitin for a friend to call
or the rain to fall
life goes by
who knows why
i cant wait for the world to spin
i cant wait to be up again
oooh whats it gonna take
i cant wait for the time to come
and ill be shining like the sun
i cant wait

i cant wait
bum bum bum, (3x)

Everybody has their day
with picture scenes to go their way
and angels done and smiled on me
when its meant to be
cause everything is possible
no matter how incredible
you never know who i might meet on a crowded street
life goes on
life goes on
i havent got forever
and i havent got all day
oooh i dont want the world to stay the same
with the magic moment to carry me away
i cant wait for the world to spin
i cant wait to be up again
i cant wait
i cant wait

my buddy bob said...

Bob Marley
~Give Thanks & Praises

Give thanks and praises to the Most-I (Jah!);
Give thanks and praises so high (so high).
He will not deceive us my brethren;
He will only lead us again (again):
Oh, take that veil from off of your eyes;
Look into the future of realize.

Noah had three sons, Ham, Shem and Japhet (Ham, Shem and Japhet);
And in Ham is known to be the Prophet.
Glory to Jah, the Prophet is come (through all these ages);
Glory to Jah, the Prophet has come (through all these stages).
When my soul was hurtin' deep within,
And I'm worrying to be free, desperately, yeah.
So guide and protect I'n'I, O Jah - Jah,
Through all these ages;
Guide and protect I'n'I, O Jah - Jah,
Through all these stages.

Rastafari is his Name (Jah!) -
Rastafari is his Name (Jah!).
If Jah didn't love I (love I),
If I didn't love I (love I),
If Jah didn't love I (love I),
If I didn't love I,
Would I be around today?
Would I be around to say:

Give thanks and praises, give thanks and praises;
Give thanks and praises, give thanks and praises;
Give thanks and praises, give thanks and praises. [fadeout]