Monday, November 06, 2006

Girlfriend Getaway!!!


The Countdown has begun... we are closing in on a mere 2 days until our
ritual Girlfriend Getaway! I have a group of Girlfriends that have sort
of made a pact... whenever one of us enters a new decade... we celebrate
by taking a Girl's Getaway mini-vacation!

One of us is entering a new decade... and who didn't LOVE the 40's!? LOL!?
OK - well - she is going to be 40... so I guess that would mean that we love
the 60's... and, well - we all know the 60's was FULL of love!

Anyway - yes - I have finished the "Secret Project"... after all of my talk
about it, it will be almost anti-climactic - but I will post some pix next
week (after she has actually received the gift!) I did however also work on
- what else?! - more Fall cards?! A friend of mine (who I mailed one of
last weeks' cards to) joked about needing about a dozen! So - I am planning
on surprising her tomorrow and dropping off 12 blank Fall Cards! They
turned out pretty good and I had so much fun! I haven't made a bunch of
cards for quite awhile... and I know I should be working on my Christmas
cards right now... but - well - you know... I LOVE FALL!!!

After I return from my little trip - well - you know I will have some photo's
to scrap and I will have to work on my Place Card/Tags for my Thanksgiving
table... and THEN I will get to those Christmas cards!

Hope you are all well... we had SNOW last week... SNOW, people?! Sure - it only
lasted for a few minutes... and OK - well - it IS November but you know how
much I love Fall - and I love Fall to LAST for longer than a few weeks?!?!??
Especially for the next few days of travel!

Anyway - Scrap Happy...
Until next time,

P.S. Yeah - whatever... I WAS going to upload photo's
... maybe tomorrow!?


Corinna said...

Hope you guys have a GREAT time!!!!
Bet you will wish "I" was there!!!
hee hee

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

Yeah... actually - I DO wish you were coming too!!! Who wouldn't love to have you come along, Corinna?! You make everything more F-U-N-N-E-R!!!


Corinna said...

ha ha... so let me get this straight... you come over to "time" in your oober, doober, boober busy world to come over to my blog and leave me smack about not uPdating... and yet, you have nothing new on yours... I mean I read that in my comment, but really I just thought you were throwing that in just to see if I would visit.... geesh, you bid tease!!!!!
And yeah... can you just imagine, all of Double EE friends there and here... coming together. OMGoodness it would be one huge fun-er parta'....bras optional (wink wink)

Corinna said...

yeah, I be on the short bus lately.... can I just re-do that last comment and fix all the typos... I say no!

Good day!

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