Thursday, November 30, 2006

Need a Laugh!?

Well... I needed a laugh today... just somehow not in the Festive mood that usually comes over me around this time of year?! I am hoping to get at least SOME decorations out between now and the weekend... I did finish my Christmas cards... all 60 of them... yes - I am crazy!? Every year my husband complains that we don't even KNOW that many people... but we do... every year!?

Sending cards is somewhat of a lost art... makes me sad... who doesn't love getting cards in the mail!? I am online often - and I enjoy a nice e-card... but there is something precious about a card with a handwritten note inside... although - 60 cards later and a project involving cards to tackle this afternoon - well - next year I may (MAY!?) be buying them by the box or online with a family photo... I know - I know Na... ?!?! I can't know if I will REALLY do that... but I can see the urge...

Anyway - I spent some time with HomeStarRunner, Strongbad, and the Teen Girls Squad this morning at: OK - is it 12 year old boy humor?! Yeah - pretty much! Does it still make me crack up out loud?! Oh yeah! Pretty much!!! My favorites?! Well - the Teen Girl Squad of course... and Strongbad E-mails! Marzipan's Answering Machine - but you have to click on the archives to get the priceless prank call messages from Strongbad... aahh - it had been a LONG time since I had visited with those guys!

Next... I checked out my MySpace and found my good ol' friend Brian Reagan had added some new clips! Now - the clip is long - and GOOD... it has some old stuff - some new stuff... some HYSTERICAL stuff (of course!)... but once the clip is over... I can not endorse any of the OTHER clips that come up to click on! Honestly - just don't even think of clicking on them?! I didn't - but the titles alone caused me to almost not share this... but - like I said - I needed a laugh - and Brian is ALWAYS good for that! So - with discretion - here ya go:

I will try to get some pictures of my Christmas Card mania...
Just because I have to - I will say - yet again - that I am STILL WAITING for some pictures?!

Scrap On!

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