Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Short & Sweet...

LOL! OK - well - you KNOW it's prolly not gonna be 'short' or 'sweet'... well?! Maybe sweet!? Although I have yet to have any COFFEE today?! (Yep - been too busy?!)

So - since I have been leaving a wee bit o' smack on OTHER blogs... I figured I should update my own before I head out of town...

There is not much to update on... my life is fairly routine... (One of the MANY MANY - {countless, really!} reasons why I love FALL! After an unpredictable free for all fun Summer... Fall and all it's routine and schedule is a welcomed change!) Let's see.. Yes - I did give away my Boxen of Cards (12 - that is!) ... I thought my friend was going to cry she was so surprised and loved them so much! See... I had sent her one last week and the next day when I saw her she mentioned that she could use maybe about 12 or so... she was just joking but I had been praying about a way I could bless her. My budget and her budget are - well - non-comparable - so I wanted to DO something for her... but we are new friends and I don't know too much about her outside of our meetings... so when she joked about the card order... well - THAT I can do!!! I used to sell cards... but they didn't sell for very much and so I stopped trying to promote that aspect of the business! Maybe - after seeing her reaction - I should open that 'dept.' up again!? Hmmm?! Well - I would post pictures of the cards... but - ya know - Blogger is free and yes, Na, I know - we get what we pay for!?

Speaking of business... I am considering offering Workshops... I would put together some Kits and open up my home (or somewhere) and teach a workshop to complete layouts or tags or cards... much like normal lss make-n-takes... I haven't really taught classes before - but I know I could... most of the gals that are coming to my Scrap Happy group are new... and - well - you know - having a kit with precut items and step by step instructions would have been a DREAM when we were first starting!!! I am looking at focusing on Kids for the Holidays... offering two or three different dates to sign up for to pay for the kit and class time to complete the project. That way they could make something to give the parents, siblings, friends, or grandparents for Christmas!? I am also working on a business letter to send out to various local businesses... I have not done a lot of local advertising... and we are feeling like now is the time for that!

I am also working on a Links Page for my website... I am in need of updating... I have to explain to my WebMaster that Scrapbooking is like Fashion... so I need to have the most current layouts on the cover or up at the top... I am getting a great deal and so I can't really be pushy with him... plus they were running a campaign for their local State District Rep... but - Election Day was yesterday - so that should be winding down for him. Anyway - if you all have a website that you would like to exchange links for that would be grand! Just let me know!

So - my weekend officially starts TOMORROW!!!! Yes - our Girls Get Away weekend... Thursday through Saturday... it's gonna be GREAT!!! AND... (bonus!) I will have something to Scrap when I get back!!! LOL!

Scrap On Ladies!


Darcie said...

boxen, LOL!!! You ARE bringing Brian along, right!?

See ya soooon!!!!

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

Oh - You KNOW I am bringing Brinanmennaminnnananaa - otherwise known as "BriOWN!!!!" Very few people can say his name correctly!

I don't leave town without him! LOL!


splashy said...

What-you haven't uploaded pic's of the jacuzzi water fight yet?!?!

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

I don't HAVE pics from the jacuzzi water fight?!??! I AM WAITING ON YOU, my friend!!!! LOL!? REMEMBER?!?!?!?!