Monday, November 13, 2006

Girl's Weekend Get-Away

Hey there...
So - yes - this was the view from our Beach House over the weekend!
Not too shabby, eh?! Living Large on vacation...
Well - this is the view from the inside out...
and looking from the outside in... well...
Ya gotta love a Yellow Single Wide!
OK...OK - that was not the house we stayed in... but it was CLOSE to the house we stayed in!
It helped our own little Double EE feel right at home so far away from her Trailer Park!
We had so much fun! We added two new gals this year... and that always sort of changes the feel and the flow of everything - but it was still so much fun! We left Yaki-Vegas on Thursday morning around 8ish... and we stopped off at North Bend (Outlet Malls) to shop a bit and grab a bite... although - Marley and I forgot to eat?! LOL!? Now... that is good shopping?!
Actually - Miss Darcie was scheduled to fly in and we had to leave right away to make the flight arrival on time! Marley did great... she's used to California driving... so I was not nervous at all! We pulled in to a parking spot at SeaTac when my cell phone rang... DarcEE was calling from the plane as they taxi'd on the runway! Perfect Timing! So - Marley and I get our fluorescent yellow sign that says, "LOOK WHO'S TURNING 40!!!" on it... I wanted to put something else on the back... (but her plane was ten minutes early!?
I was going to put:
But, sadly, we ran out of time!
We found Darcie and finally her luggage and we were off to find our house!
Let me just say - whenever I FINALLY get the photo's (Yes - we are back to THAT again!?)
I will have some more F-U-N-N-E-R stuff to scrap!!!
Anyway - we found the house... gorgeous... and we all got settled in! We ended up staying in that night... we ran to the grocery store and grabbed snacks and stuff for dinner! We had a nice dinner and played a game and watched a movie too! Lots of visiting and goofing off!
Friday was our marathon shopping day! I am talking an ALL DAY EVENT!?
Now - I enjoy a good amount of shopping... I can go for a few hours or more...
but it was getting borderline ridiculous! LOL!
We left the house at 10 a.m. to go to ("OPEN! OPEN! OPEN!") Mervyn's!
This is one of - if not the one - Favorite store of Robbin's... and since they are all closing in WA and OR - we were thinking they would be having some serious close out clearance prices!
Wrong?! Only 30% off... the whole store - but still - their usual sale prices are better than that!?
I did wander off to JC Penny's and found racks and racks of things for $2.97!!! Woot! That is so awesome!!! I got some great layering stuff for Christmas gifts for my daughter and niece!!!
After our time at that mall... we decided to head over to the SUPER MALL...
we grabbed lunch super fast and then resumed our shopping again!
We were there for HOURS and HOURS... we would split up & set a time to meet together again, only to show up and find that some had called in to say that they were not done yet...
it was crazy! We found some great deals and had fun... but by the time we were all together,
we were exhausted and really not wanting to go OUT for dinner on our tired feet!
So - instead, we grabbed dinner to go and headed home to change into our Jammies and relax!
Yes - it was me... I had the bright idea of all rolling up our jammy pants
and soaking our tired feet in the jacuzzi tub...
if we set up all our bags around the tub,
I thought that would be a really cute photo!
Well - we did take pictures in the Living room with our bags all around us!
(and by we - I don't mean ME?! LOL!? So - yes - again - my camera was not used for much of the weekend - so I am waiting for someone else to upload?! ...again!?)
After that - we ran water for the tub and all went in to soak our feet.
I was the last one in... and somehow - the STAIRS were being blocked... so I had to step up onto the surrounding tile and then step down into the tub. Now - yes - I did actually think in my brain that I should ask Robbin to move over the other way, so I could STEP DOWN into the tub... but - for some reason!? - I did not... thus taking a mix of a large step and a jump down into a bubble bath... with slippery soapy water! Yeah... whatever?!
Yeah - if I had the picture, I would post it... (maybe... don't get any ideas Darcie!)
It looks as if I am partaking in some strange Sleep Over Baptism Ritual!
LOL! So yes... I slipped - and I fell... which was the beginning of the water fight!
I will point out that our own sensitive compassionate
Miss Beeler did not ask if I was ok - but kept asking,
"Did you get that?! Did you GET that?!"
After or during the water fight... someone (I wonder who!?) got out the black silly string!
Not the BRIGHTEST idea to use in a jetted jacuzzi tub?! But hey... it all worked out in the end!
We all needed to change our clothes and dry our PJs... we ended up watching a Stand-Up comedian (NOT as funny as Brian!) and talking until late (again!)
Saturday morning we all packed up and got ready to check out of the house!
We did have a short time of prayer together... I really felt like that was something that God has asked of me over the weekend... we all used to go to a Home Group together - so it wasn't too strange to suggest it... but it had been awhile since we had all prayed together! It was actually a really cool way to wrap up the weekend I think!
We had a Starbuck's before we hit the road home... Darcie and her friend Kim took off from there! I trust you made it home Darcie... I am assuming the flight and the house were both not too bad - or we would have had an update by now! LOL!
I stopped off again at North Bend on the way home...
(We couldn't go home with money left over... it just seemed wrong somehow?!)
I found a Vest!!! Yeah! I am still in the club!
(All the girls bought vests but me at the Super Mall I think!?)
Anyway - this week I have my Scrap Happy Link...
I will work up my design for the Thanksgiving Table Place cards/tags
that will also go into our Family Blessing Box
(or they will be scrapped! LOL! That is most likely!)
Plus... there are ALWAYS Christmas cards to make!
(Unless I take the Na route and just upload a photo
and have them mass-printed at Stuff-Mart for $0.19 a piece! LOL!)
Oh yes - and to top all of that off... I am reorganizing my Scrap area...
turns out it is in the wrong corner of my Family room,
so when I want that 'background noise' on - I can't actually watch the TV if I wanted to...
so I am hoping to not only reorganize it and put it all away...
but also to move it from one side of the room to the other...
all that - AND - my dd has 1/2 days all week! OH JOY!
We did have her Teacher Conference today... she is getting mostly A's - a couple of B's
Her teachers all - of course - adore her!
Who doesn't, really!? She's a great kid!
So - after a GREAT weekend away... I am back to a busy hectic schedule!
Oh - and I have been chatting with a potential new client.. has LOTS of photo's...
which means a fun big project to work on!
Anyway - Thanks for loaning us Miss Double Wide (DUH-BULL WHY-DUH!)
Scrap Happy!

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hee hee, I had to read the double wide thing & the hooked on phonics thing a couple times before I got it, LOL! Too early for me to be figurin' out your fancy book learnin' today lol.