Monday, October 01, 2012

31 Days - Captured & Counted

31 Days... Captured & Counted

Day One - Thankful for starting a new series with my small group! Rise up, Warrior!

Day Two - A glorious walk with a friend

Day Three - Stacks of books... always!

Day Four - Homemade Salsa!

Day Five My parents' 50th Anniversary!

Day Six - A Saturday afternoon relaxing at NHV winery

Day Seven - Photographing the Pirates Plunder Fun Run

Day Eight -Autumn Candles

Day Nine - Mini Bouquets arranged from our Garden

Day Ten - My Honey tackling the bed I fell in love with on Pinterest!

Day Eleven - My Honey making me coffee before he goes to work!

Day Twelve - Scouting outings for shoots... Glorious Trees on full display!

Day Thirteen - Thankful for Jonah Boy

Day Fourteen - Successful Senior Portrait sessions!

Day Fifteen - My girlies unexpected Clean Room (and Made Bed!)

Day Sixteen - Sowing into foreign lands through missionary friends!

Day Seventeen - Thankful for My Honey on our Anniversary!

Day Eighteen - A Fall Hike in the Canyon

Day Nineteen - Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer! Yes, please!

Day Twenty - Thankful for Sleeping in on a Saturday and Nutella, of course!

Day Twenty One - Creating a little corner at Zazzle & Cafepress

Day Twenty Two - Thankful for my Small Group coming over today!

Day Twenty Three - Thankful for a Crisp Autumn Walk & Coffee with friends

Day Twenty Four - Thankful for New Toys!

Day Twenty Five - My Love of Beverages!

Day Twenty Six - My new Handmade Bed (thank you My Honey and Pinterest!)

Day Twenty Seven - My First Wedding (to photograph)

Day Twenty Eight - Thankful for Time in the Word with my Girlie...and writing it down!

Day Twenty Nine - Thankful for a Brand New Fresh Pair of Contacts!

Day Thirty - Thankful for Lights & Heat & a Warm Breakfast

Day Thirty One - Thankful for being able to Vote at Home

#31Days - The Wrap Up!

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