Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Captured & Counted - Day 31

I know you may be surprised
but this post will NOT actually be about Halloween!
If you want to read a great post about Halloween,
go to my friend Nikki's blog,
& prepare to be blessed!

Part of the reasoning behind this MAY be
that my girlie is 17... & hasn't dressed up for years!
Part of it is also that we are not a big Halloween kind of family...
so this 31st day of October will offer
a different kind of post.

THIS, my friends,
is what I am doing today
& what I am oh so thankful for:

 In my state, we all vote by mail...
which means we can take our time
& study the issues & vote!

I can open the Word,
                                                                   Proverbs 8:14-16

open the pamphlet, pray & pencil in my vote.
I wait to hear His Voice, & then let mine be heard as well!

In this, a crucial Presidential election year,
I am also thankful for the level of Honor & Respect
that my family at large has been able to stick to!
In the past, we would have heated debates,
temperatures & voices would rise,
& in the end, the only thing different would be
the hurt feelings or anger that now settled in between.
Several years ago, we all agreed that
we were pretty set in our ways & in our beliefs.
We were more than likely not going to change each others' minds.
So we agreed to disagree & simply not discuss politics.
For the most part... we all play by the rules now,
and the level of love and respect is intact
& peace resides!

Captured & Counted

OK... a Halloween flashback...
just for fun!
My Girlie - circa 1999
as a Barbie Cheerleader:



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