Wednesday, October 11, 2006

5 Weird Things

OK... not to feel left out like Kori... Na finally tagged me on the Weirdo List... I mean - the list of 5 weird things... (Kori - don't feel bad... at least you live in town and CAN be invited to all the fun reindeer games... I am sure them NOT calling you at 7am was a GOOD Decision... can you even IMAGINE talking to any of those gals that early in the morning?! LOL!?)

Anyway - thanks for including me Natalie... I will play along but must admit beforehand... and am - at least compared to all of you trailer trash - rather 'normal' I am pretty sure?! Still... just for F-U-N... here is my random list:

1. EVERY Morning when I get out of bed, and EVERY night at bedtime, I pause at my bedroom window and look outside... at my garden... at the neighbors yard... just checking it out... is that weird?! (I am talking EVERY SINGLE day - TWICE!?)

2. I HATE to talk on the phone... like I am talkin' LOATHE!!!!? I don't mind chatting online... or via e-mail, or preferably - in person over coffee (and bagels... but whatever?!)... but the phone is TORTUROUS?! I guess maybe because most of my jobs have involved answering phones maybe?! I guess I can't feel 'real' on the phone... it feels too business-like... and I even use my 'phone voice' sometimes on accident?! Anyone else?! .... (insert cricket sounds here...) Anyone?!

3. My house - at least the main floor - HAS to be picked up at all times... not necessarily CLEANED - but picked up and presentable. Do we often get company unannounced?! No... pretty much never... but still - it COULD happen... and I would want my home to be warm and welcoming and not have to stress about the dishes being in the sink or the stack of papers on the living room floor... now - rest assured - I am not obsessive... people HAVE seen my house a mess... but just in general - overall - I attempt to have everything in it's place at all times?! (The basement/scrapbook area - however - is a COMPLETELY different story - unfortunately!? I am convinced it is simply because I do not have enough ROOM for everything... which sadly - my husband agrees - so I have really little to no incentive to pick it up more consistently!?)

4. I LOVE to read... all sorts of things... and a lot of them at the same time?! I find it hard to read just one book at a time... well - for one reason - it just doesn't LAST as LONG that way... but I love to have several different story lines going at once... I love to read a few chapters in one book... (use my Air Freshener) and pick up an entirely different book and keep reading?! (OK - maybe that new Air Freshener thing is weird too!? Maybe... but I don't know... you will have to smell it first!? Oh - and what exactly is huffing?! I mean - can I do it on accident?! Darcie - shut up - Miss EAST Valley - you don't qualify to answer that one!)

and 5. God speaks to me and I see things... not so much Dead People... (thank God!) but I do see things... much like Corinna FEELS things... (I feel things too) but I often see stuff... call them visions or day dreams or whatever... but they are real and often sometimes prophetic in nature... sometimes when I have shared them with others it has confirmed things to them that they were asking God about... sometimes I have just prayed about what I have seen and God moves... I've seen angels and demons and I have talked and danced face to face with Jesus... often in prayer He will give me pictures or I will 'see' written out a Scripture reference and I will go look it up and it will be an answer to prayer or something... But - I must say - that I don't think that this should be as Weird as it probably is!? I mean - I think God desires to speak with His people and show us things all the time... I don't think He intended for it to be weird or rare or whatever... and I think there are a lot of people who see or feel things that just blow it off or dismiss it as coincidence or something...

Now - here is 5 Weird things about me from my 11 year old daughters perspective:

1. Likes to read a lot
2. Have Painted every room on the Main Floor (of our APARTMENT?!)
3. Likes to watch Horses run
4. Make the cat run COMPLETELY out of food before you will feed him!
5. Pushes the family cat off your lap when you are wearing black

When I told her that those aren't 'super weird' - she replied - "Well - what do you want from me?! You're not THAT weird?!" Ah Yeah! Priceless! You KNOW I will be quoting her on THAT one soon enough!

I will tag no one... the weirdness must come to an end sometime soon - so ya'll will post something meaty to share?!?!?!?! Oh - I made TWO mini-albums last night - one for my sister and one for my Mom of our Leavenworth trip... (I am making one for me tonight!?) So ... once again?! I will be all caught up!? Of course - I didn't print out those McDaniel Lake pictures... so I may print those out because my Scrap Happy group meets next Thursday and I have NOTHING to Scrap again?!!??!?!? Unless I work on that dreaded secret project?! We'll see?!

Scrap On, (Weirdos!!!)


freak said...

Ok, first of all, Imy constant need for affirmation demands that you go see my blog & take note that *I* tagged you right there on the front page, LOL! :op Yeah, I'm weird that way.

I'm must be one of the few that have seen the upstairs in disarray, shall we say, and I feel honored. :o) I must be considered family to be allowed to see the mess. I like it that way. ;o)

I'm with you on the book reading, i usually have several going at one time too, although I don't spray any air freshner after reading?!

You & painting...I wish I had you ambition! I would like to see everything here painted, but the money & real motivation just aren't there.

na said...

OK, before we discuss your freakiness I will first say that I am cheery and happy in the mornings!!!!
1. I don't think that is so weird. I also look out my bedroom window to view the mountains or the sunrise or my garden (and my neighbors yard too!)...I don't think I do it everyday...THAT makes it weird. LOL.
2. I absolutely hate the phone too. Even though I have a cordless phone (C, wink wink) and I can move around and I always try and do SOMETHING while I'm talking, it just isn't my cup of tea.
3. When I was living in southern California we had a laundry "closet" basically in the entry of our home. Well, one day I made my dirty clothes "piles" in the hall and pretty much in the entry. Then, the doorbell rang. A friend had stopped by to say hi. I was mortified. Hey, maybe I do have something about people seeing my "dirty laundry", perhaps you or Corinna could look into a crystal ball thing and tell me what that all means...
4. OK, so let me get this straight. You read multiple books and in between you spray air freshener??? Like you put one book down, spray spray, and then pick up another book? Does the air freshener "clean" your mind in a spring-fresh way????
5. The next time you are out perhaps we should have a carnival and you and Corinna with your powers can man a booth or something.

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said... sad is it that I am commenting on comments?! Hmmm - maybe I should write an Update if I have so much time?! Naaahhhh... I would rather respond here...

So Darcie...
Yes - I acknowledge my Front Page invite... thanks so much! I appreciate being included even though I live in another 'area' You HAVE seen my house in Disarray - however I would like to simply point out that it is usually when you are staying with me?! LOL!? (I'm just sayin'... there MAY be a connection there?!) I know there HAVE been other times too... I did say I was not obsessive about it... like SOME people we know!? OK - the Air Freshener deal was really a joke... Read my Post on Favorite Scents... OK - it was mostly a joke - I did do it once, this week... and realized then that it was a little weird...but the smell is so addictive!? I love to paint... you would think I would be better at it by now?! Paint is not that expensive, Darc'?! It's the Motivation that will cost ya! LOL!

It is a little Freaky that you wake up happy and cheerful - is this BEFORE coffee and bagels even?! That could have maybe been on your list?! I actually wake up the same way though... well - happy - I don't know about cheery!? So - yeah - EVERYDAY I look out that window... TWICE a day!? It's sort of like how I have to feel for my keys about three or four times before I lock my car! (... a mild OCD/Monk-like habit, I think!?) I have a cordless too... but I never take it with me because I am always hoping that the phone won't ring?! LOL!? I talked on the phone for literally TWO hours this morning?! TWO HOURS?! Sure - it was good... but!? Oh MY!? Couldn't we have met for coffee or something?! LOL!? Then again - I think we were both in our Jammies!? I think your whole Dirty Laundry deal reveals deep dark secrets that you have yet to pull out of the closet... hmmm?! Or not... LOL!? Again - that Air Freshener comment was supposed to be funny... and it was... read the other post! LOL! And no... the ONE time I did it, it 'cleaned my mind in a CLEAN LINEN-fresh way" - not a Spring-Fresh way?!! Lastly... yes - a booth at a carnival... well - I gave up giving 'readings' years ago... you missed out... I was good!!! But - I would be willing to pray for you and see what God shows me?! LOL?! (That is almost scarier than a "Reading" though!?)

Corinna said...

Ok, you are just weird! LOL

I love it that we can all just be so free with our weirdness... but I want to state for the record... I am not that weird!

Loved your daughters perspective too! I think I will ask my kids to see what they say!