Friday, October 06, 2006

No... I didn't WIN!?!!!

Yes... Last night I hosted my Bunko Group to a night of dice rolling, eating, laughing, and winning... whatever?!??

I, once again, did NOT win ANYTHING at Bunko last night?! I think that is 4 or 5 months in a row now... and I am pretty much done with that!? I mean - come ON already?! I guess, in the end, I DID get my bathroom painted... so that is good!? (Enough smack about that Darcie... you wouldn't want me to bring up your KITCHEN and Cabinets back in the day, would you?! At least I got mine DONE... all within two days?! LOL!)

I have to say, my house looked Smashing! All my Fall decor out and candles lit... fit all three tables in the Living Room so the Losers Table actually got to enjoy our View... it was a fun time... I did change the rules since it was at my house... and yes - thank you very much - that Backfired on me?! For the past three months, I have rolled 5 or 6 Bunko's each time... but they had changed the rules so that your partner got credit for your Bunko's... which in turn meant a lot of people had credit for more Bunko's... but I had actually rolled all of my own!? So - I decided I had been cheated out of the Most Bunko's Prize for months... LOL!? So - I changed the rule... and ya know what!? I got one, count it: ONE, Bunko all night!? And the gal that got Most Bunko's ....yep - she got TWO!??!?! Yeah - real funny!?

My Menu got raves and my hubby was sad to come home to a messy but empty kitchen?! LOL!? Everything disappeared... except a couple of the Oreo Truffles that I made... (and hid!) LOL! I did make an extra cake for a dinner party we are going to tonight... but he was sad that (so male!?) all the meat was gone?! LOL!? I served:

Ham & Broccoli Pinwheels
Creamy Chicken Packets
Veggie Tray w/Ranch Dip
Crackers and Chips w/ Southwestern Dip
Spiced Apple Cream Cheese Cake
Oreo Truffles
Various Drinks
(and Honey Cashews, Roasted Peanuts, and M&Ms on each table for snacking!)

Anyway - again - I tried to just upload a picture of all the gorgeous Bunko Prizes that I did NOT win... Hmm!?!? Blogger is free but it often does suck?! Maybe Natalie is right?!

Happy Weekend! I am sure you all will be scrapping together somewhere in the Midwest! Lucky?! I'll be thinking of you... and planning out what I will do with my pictures when I finally get them developed - as I am ALL CAUGHT UP and have nothing to do yet?! tee hee?! (I know, I know?!)

Scrap Happy!


Darcie said...

Bummer on the bunco! I get to start playing again on Tuesady, fun, BIG group of ladies from the first church we attended here, and another friend just invited us to couples bunco at her house-yippee!!!

For the record-it was my living room that went unfinished for a year, not the kitchen, and I was pregnant with Emma at the time so my abilities were limited shall we say?! Planning on painting my bedroom here soon, and dan actually FINALLY wants to paint the living room too!? We'll see how long that takes him....

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

Are we back to doing that Corinna "I'd like to state for the record..." thing?!

OK - 'for the record' - I was referring to your unfinished KITCHEN mostly thanks to some trailer trash-like, two-timing, do-it-yourself-er guy... But yes - you are right... your Living Room WAS neglected for QUITE some time!? Seems like you even maybe STILL have trim work to finish?! Is that true!?

Glad Dan is in the mood... (to paint)... what color are you thinking?! Um... did you ever learn how to fold clothes so you can FIND your bedroom!? LOL!? I bet Dan is thinking maybe if he agrees to PAINT it... you will clear stuff off and maybe... JUST MAYBE... ya'll may get to USE that bedroom! Hint, Hint!!? Oh yeah - speaking of that... do you have your 'plane ticket' yet?!

Sounds like fun... a big Bunko group - AND a Couples Bunko... AND Painting, and yes - even getting that "Plane Ticket", Darcie! Think Positive!!! LOL!


na said...

Now, you know what they say...? It isn't always about winning but about having fun, which it certainly sounds like you did...even if the poor hubby went food-less...perhaps you should make him up a plate next time so he could also endulge in plenty of meat!!! LOL.

And, "for the record" I have not had one problem, EVER, uploading with typepad! LOL. You know what "they" ALSO say...? You get what you pay for.

I'm just full of useless cliche's this morning!

Darcie said...

SO late on Sunday it's almost Monday-time ot update, lol!