Thursday, October 12, 2006

Now What?!

Hey there...

So - after checking obsessively on everyone's blog I finally decided to give in and 'update' my own!? Not as much fun as reading about everyone else's day or week - but... ?! Maybe if I update... then YOU all will update?! Maybe...?!

I finished three Mini Albums in three days... Yep - one a night! They were really small - and I was using stuff I already had - so I didn't have a whole lot of matching embellishments to add or anything... you may notice that one is an actual mini Album... by K&Co... LOVE it!!! I am keeping that one for myself?! LOL!? I know - I know?! But - here's the deal!? As much as I adore my family - they are not so much 'treasure keepers' and they don't so much appreciate memorabilia like I do!? Selfish!? Yeah - probably... and yet - I am still keepin' it!?

...and yes - this means that I am once again, sadly - all caught up!? I will have those Lake Trip photo's developed over the weekend and so I will have something to work on during my Scrap Happy group... plus I will probably try to work on the "Secret Project"... here's the deal... the project is a Lunch Box Album and so I would LOVE some samples of any you all have done?! I have my paper picked out... which I still cannot buy locally somehow?! So - hopefully I will NOT run out of it?! Anyway... this is my problem: I have not been able to get a hold of several people and I am needing to rely on others to fill out some paperwork and send me a small wallet-size picture... (not so sure this is going to happen as easily as I thought it would?!) Maybe - obsessively sending out the info so early so I could get it back in time was a mistake... who can know?! I have the highest hopes that it will all come together in the end?!

My hubby is busy making homemade salsa and my little one is away at GC (Youth Group)... I lit my favorite candles tonight while I read a bit of one of my books... (left the Air Freshener alone this time... no worries?!) Tomorrow I get to watch my nephews for a bit in the morning... they are GREAT... who knew boys could be so much fun!? (Sorry - I didn't have any brothers and only have a daughter... honestly - I didn't know?!) I adore them! It helps that they are little mini-men - so smart and articulate for their age! In the afternoon, I will be working on an article about Scrapbook Design (For Hire) Businesses... ahhh - an assignment! Praise God!

So - there ya go... an update... I am planning on going to see One Night with the King tomorrow night with my Honey and my daughter... I will let ya'll know how great it is!!!

Until then, Scrap Happy!

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Corinna said...

Great update!
You totally Rock man!!! Our surprize was a blast... thanks!
And yes I noted the purse you like.
(wink wink)