Thursday, October 19, 2006

An Update... BEFORE any Smack!

Hey there...

Oh - I know... don't think I don't know... you all are out having fun at some trailer trash restaurant of something and yet again... I am not there!? LOL!? Hmmm... it sure would be easier if I lived in the same State?! But - as much as I often wish I was there... and have to admit that I am pretty content on being here!

Well - Tuesday was my Anniversary - as I mentioned... We are not the whole gift giving type of couple... He gets me things through out the year and I do the same... what we DO do on our Anniversary is go out for a nice dinner alone... It is just the gift of TIME in this busy life of ours! And it is PRECIOUS! We actually do spend quite a lot of time together anyway... other than those pesky 'work days'... but - I am blessed to hang out in the evenings. I know - many couples barely see each other before their heads hit the pillows at night... if that happens with us for two nights in a row - we know we are out of sync and we need to re-prioritize our schedules or whatever?! Anyway - we went out to the Olive Garden... yummy! For some reason, we rarely think to go here - but we love it every time! I got the yummy Smoked Cheddar/Sun-Dried Tomato Portobello Ravioli.... SO good! Then, Dave got this new dish - Braised Beef Tortellini or something like that... stuffed with Asiago and in a Marsala sauce... um - OH MY!??! This dish was almost as good as... well... you just fill in the blank there! (I said ALMOST!?) Wow?! And then... the next day... he gave me HIS left overs?! Aahhhh - so sweet! We laughed and visited and relaxed... we talked with our waiter and just enjoyed being out... Dave has worked a lot of overtime lately - which - is good because it helps to pay those annoying medical bills - but it also crowds in to our alone time... so it was nice to just sit back, sip on a drink, enjoy a meal, and reminisce!

So - today I am getting ready for my Scrap Happy Group... I made Truffles - Chocolate and Chocolate Mint... YUMMY! I also had my personal Baker make us some super moist Pumpkin Cake too... Of course - after bringing several of my 'current' (most recent) albums last month - one of the smarty pants there asked me to bring my very FIRST album... Yeah... Great?! Well - it so happens to be my Wedding Album... so - I have that out and will humble myself and bring it alone! LOL! I am sure it will actually be great for them to see... as most of them are just starting out in this hobby... I have one two page layout to work on and then I also have two new sets of stamps to assemble... I may bring along my 'secret project' - which - I KNOW - is seeming less and less 'secret' the more I talk about it?! LOL!? I called everyone to remind them about the project - and so far have had two people get me their answers since then... so hopefully the rest will get busy as well! I think I am ready to start assembling the files/pages that go inside! Many of them have so much text, it will not take too much extra embellishments or papers even to fill it up - so it looks like I will not need to buy more paper - which is good because it is not available here!? I have about three weeks to complete this task... I am hoping to have pictures from everyone as well... which may be hard... but we shall see?!

Anyway - I am off to finish getting prepared for tonight... I will try to remember to take a few shots and post an update soon... before any smack!

Hope you are enjoying a Happy Friday!

Scrap Happy!


na said...

You do realize it is only Thursday, right???

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

Oh - BLAST these In Service days off?!?!?!?! LOL?!

Well - TOMORROW then...

What, Na?! Did you look in your Notebook or do you just KNOW such things?!


corinna said...

she just knows...