Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Favorite Scents

Mmmmmm... Some of my (current) Favorite Scents...

I have a LOT of "Favorites" in the Fall... There are way more yummy smells than this... I have a great new Orange Spice candle, and some 'champagne' incense, lots of lotions and potions too... but right now... this day... these are my favorites!

My lovely Hazelnut Latte Candle
Doesn't this smell just scream Fall to you!?
It does to me! (and we all know how I love Fall!)

"Karmala" Candle and Perfume by Mark
Rich Musky, Woodsy, Floral Scents that scream
Warmth and Passion! (Yeah - that's right... I said it!)

Shea Butter & Rice Flower Body Spray from Bath & Bodyworks
This will be one of the smells in Heaven in my house...
(I am pretty sure...)

"Dune" Perfume by Christian Dior
My Wedding Perfume... aahhhhh.... need I say more?! (Do you all have a 'Wedding Perfume"!? This was a new scent from Dior when I was planning my Wedding and so I bought it specifically to wear on my special day... now whenever I put it on - I remember that day... it triggers that feeling of nostalgia for me and my Honey! I highly recommend this - even if it is not 'normal'?!)

Self Sanctuary Lemon Sugar Body Butter
MMmmmm.... SO yummy!!! It is so moisturizing and it lasts all day... if you love lemon desserts... well - you will LOVE this!!!

...and lastly, my New Air Freshener by Glade...
(Yep - that's right... I am a Stay at Home Mom, how'd ya guess?!) It is the new Air Infusions - CLEAN LINEN. Yeah... it not only WORKS (rather than masks) but it lasts for hours and makes the whole house smell - well - Clean!!! Who knew I would one day get excited about a new Air Freshener!? I know - it is a little sad... maybe even pathetic... but hey?! I work hard to create an atmosphere in my home - whether it is just me here or we have guests... and so - ya know - air freshener is sometimes necessary!? Sometimes people play 'toilet paper' games and you need to keep that secret! LOL!

I relate a lot of smells to memories... maybe it is because I was born "blind" and so some of my senses are used to being more in tune than others... Do you ever go somewhere and the smell alone can make you miss your Grandma's house or make you want to bake cookies or make stew!?... someone passes by in the Mall and all of the sudden you remember a school dance or an old boyfriend?! That type of thing happens to me all the time! When my hubby has to leave for work early or is going golfing or fishing on the weekends... I always grab his pillow when he gets up... it's warm and I can cuddle with it and it smells like him... (which is a good thing... ya know - normally... except when I need that Clean Linen Spray...) I remember seeing Matthew McConaughey on Oprah and he was saying that he doesn't wear cologne or use scented soap or deodorant... he just has his own smell... Oprah was impressed - apparently his 'own smell' was rather quite nice... if you can imagine?!

So... what about you guys?! What smells bring back memories or make you reminisce?! What Fall or Autumn scents stir you up and calm you down?! Do share...



Anonymous said...

Ahhh, the smells of fall....

Jack & coke by a bonfire

a big glass of wine

burning leaves soaked with gasoline


hot dogs & beer at the game

apple orchards

Mmmmmmmmm-good times!

Anonymous said...

Hey EAST VALLEY... you used to go to The Pit and the Hop Festival too!??!?!??!?!?!????! NO WAY!??!?!?