Saturday, October 21, 2006

Scrapping, & Shopping, & Movies, Oh MY!?

Wow... it has been a full few days since I last thought it was Friday!?
Yeah - gotta LOVE those In Service days... all day Thursday 'felt' like a Friday
(except, of course, I was doing all my THURSDAY stuff?!)
Yeah - I may just need a notebook after all!?
So - Thursday - (which I thought was Friday!) was good.
I was able to do much of my prep work on Wednesday because I thought I may be watching my nephews again... I never heard back from my sister-in-law, so I ended up having a bit more 'unscheduled' time on Thursday than I anticipated. (which may have something to do with my weekday mix-up!? - I rarely have anything 'scheduled' for Fridays!?) I had made my Mint Oreo Truffles the day before. My personal Baker made yummy Pumpkin Bread for me to take as well - so I had the snacks covered already... I had thought up a Challenge and planned out my own personal scrapping project to work on ... so I really had a fairly open day. It was nice! I don't even remember what all I did!? I am sure some of it was spent on here - this computer which is a HUGE time-suck for me some days?! (Insert annoying Vacuum noise HERE!)
By afternoon, I had to pick up my little one - who is not so little, and got in the car with a cold that she did not leave the house with?! Aaah - yes - 'tis the season I suppose?! See... we are not 'sick' people.... we just don't 'do' sick very well and we do not embrace it! I used to get rewarded for being sick... My Mom was a working mother and so the only way we got attention was if we were sick... we got some pampering and some snacks, the couch and the TV... we planned for our colds every season... so - as a general rule - we do not 'make room' for sickness in our house! My daughter always jokes that she is the only one she knows who gets in trouble if she is sick!? LOL! OK - she doesn't REALLY get in trouble... and I DO take care of her... even baby her a bit - but not much - and she needs to get done with it quickly! So - sniffles... right before her long weekend?! She was not thrilled with this new development either?!
She laid around while I packed up my stuff and loaded the car. I offered for her to stay home either here or next door at Grandma's and skip her youth group meeting - but that was not an option - she wanted to go... so she got in the car and my husband met us at the church to help unload and set up my room... then they were off to dinner and her group while I prepared for my Scrap Happy group. I completely forgot to take any pictures...?! I know?! I just didn't even THINK of it... we had 7 ladies... 3 were new... which means we were missing 2 or 3 from last time. They all had fun and I am pretty sure will be back... no one did the challenge from last month - so we shall see if they will attempt the one from this month. I did tell them this time that there would be PRIZES... so that may give them a bit of incentive?! We'll see!? I bought some tags to give away for last months' challenge (that would make THIS months' Tag challenge that much easier... oh well!? I guess I will keep 'em?! At least some of them!? At least the cooler ones!? LOL!?) So - group went great... I packed up and came home to put my sniffling daughter to bed...even though it was not a school night (again - much like a FRIDAY!?)... then my hubby and I watched The Office... that show just cracks me up! Too funny!? LOVED the squeaky chair... I used to work with a "Jim" - so I really appreciate the inner office pranks and such!
Friday - my Honey was up and out of town early - went off to fish with my brother-in-law on Whidbey Island... hoping he has a GREAT time and brings me home some Salmon!!! He should be back late tonight! Anyway - Yesterday consisted of Shopping with my Mom (the SPEEDY shopper...does one quick glance through a store and she is done already...) and my Daughter (the Can't-Pick!?-Oh-I-Know,-I-Want-The-Most-Expensive-One Shopper... loves too many things and narrows it down inevitably to the item that is not on sale or that is on sale for$65?!) Yeah - FUN!? So - we went out with the purpose of buying a White Blouse (my daughter insisted that that doesn't MEAN it HAS to have buttons?! She HATES shirts with collars... because they TOUCH her... yeah - she's fun like that!?) for her Choir wardrobe... a white short slip for her (which no one carries!? NO ONE?!?!?! What is up with that?!)... and a Winter Coat for her. We didn't buy one last year... one was bought for her and she LOATHED it... wore it twice. Apparently the kids at school made fun of her... ?! So - I couldn't MAKE her wear it - so she wore the coat from the year before... !? Well - obviously, THIS year - that one won't work - and it won't fit! So... yeah - Coat shopping?! Now - I must say - she HAS gotten a LOT better. Shoe shopping is still the worst! But - she likes clothes that fit better now and she knows they will have to touch her... this is the girl who - at FIVE - looked at the skirt I was holding up and said, "Um - no - that's not my style?!" Huh!? You are FIVE?! You HAVE a style?! So... yes - back to the coat shopping. I told her before we left the house what our budget was for all three pieces... we DID find a White Blouse - yes with some sort of a collar-ish thing and lots of frill and all - however it is crinkled sheer material - so that meant buying a layering White Tank to go under it... and it was a $58 top- on sale for $20... it is WHITE people?! This SEEMS like a bad idea... but whatever - it is adorable and she will actually WEAR it other than just for Choir Performances... So - one down (that was actually TWO items...) but still!?
We went to nearly every store in town looking for a Winter Coat and a slip!? OK - the slip - seemingly - no one wears them anymore?! I couldn't even find a half-slip in the women's departments?! I found a few full slips - and one half slip that was LONG... ?! They were way to big for her anyway - and too long?! So... that one didn't work out. So - still - she has two skirts that she cannot wear?! The Winter Coat... so - she FOUND a couple that would 'work' but they were not what she really wanted.... one of them was a Trench coat and was not WARM at all... which brought on the whole "But-I-Don't-GET-Cold" argument... and the other was a long WHITE Wool Dry Clean Only jacket that was thin and was on sale for $65!? Good price - but not for an 11 year old... a WHITE Dry Clean Only jacket?! Um... NO!?
So - we came home with the Blouse and Tank... and still have no Coat and no Slip... and yet- I am NOT motivated to go to any more stores today!? It is getting colder... and yet - it is difficult to find her 'style' within my price range!? Sigh!? Maybe when it gets colder - she will be more open to other options?! LOL!?
Today - my plan is to work on that lunchbox project, and watch a movie or two... relax... and NOT shop!? Hope you are all having a great weekend!
Until Next time,
Scrap Happy!


Darcie said...

How the heck am I supposed to comment on all this-I can't keep it straight, lol!? Let's see, I hope Kaye is all better now, Ashlyn is fighting off a little cold here too. Sounds liek your scrap group is growing nicely & look, you got prizes for yourself! :op

See, I have forgotten what else I wanted to comment on already-too much info to absorb, lol!!

Darcie said...

Hey, off topic, but I finished that Ted Deckker book, Showdown. It was AWESOME!!! Once you got past that "eyeball" part there wasn't really any gore, so you've already read the worst part, you should try again.

The first book I have read in quite a while that kept me guessing, lol! I have a request in at the library for another of his books right now & Na is borrowing Showdown.

Corinna said...

WOW..... You are one busy lady! No wonder you have to be all caught up! hee hee.... couldn't help but fit that in. Maybe if you updated.... more... you could include less for those that are information intake challenged! LOL
My smack job is done here!

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

I was just WAITING for some Smack?! LOL?! I will update soon... and yes - I know - fewer words... 'tis the consistent critique of my readers... but I SO love Words?! How can I pick only a few?!


na said...

Hey Karri...thanks for the puppy tips! that was super nice of you! Now, perhaps an update...

pickels the cat said...

Helllooooooo, it's THURSDAY!?