Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Yeah - I Rock... even MORE!!!!

Hey there...

Yes - first off... I would just like to point out - This is update/post NUMBER TWO for today?! Yeah... not sure where everyone ELSE is!?!??!

OK - thanks Darcie for the Update and Shout Out! (Holla)

And now... I am about to ROCK ...EVEN MORE!!!!!

BRIAN REGAN IS PERFORMING IN BOISE ON NOV 19TH!!!!! (If I could - I would fly there to see it with ya'll!? - but you need to look into going... seriously?!) I am hoping to go in Dec to his Seattle Show! (Just an FYI!)

Check out his website... click on the top video clip - it's his latest Letterman clip - TOO FUNNY!



going to see brian said...

OMG!!!!! He's coming, he's coming!! I'm going!! Not real cheap though, about $82 for the two of us-but he'll be worth it. :o)

Thanks for the heads up, I wish you guys could come see him & stay for thanksgiving, that would be cool!

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

That would be so much fun... but, sadly - we can't! First of all- we have the Balls coming this year - so we can't leave for Thanksgiving... although I MUST say I truly adore how every year - you try to get us to come! Honestly - I do love that! One day we will completely shock you and take you up on it! LOL! And besides... $82?!?!??! Yikes?! I better check the Seattle prices because my dd wants to come along too!? LOL!? That may be crazy!?

Did you click on the links and watch his newer clips?! Letterman, Dennis Miller... LOVED the American Arab Crop Duster line... so stinkin' funny!


Corinna said...

That would be super fun!!! WOW no not cheap.... but worth it I bet!
Thanks for the heads up!

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

Hey there... well - I hope you all have better luck than we are... tried to book the Seattle show... to get three tickets together (our dd wants to come along too!) it will not only cost us over $150 but the only three seats together are in the absolute very back back back back back back (well - you get the idea) back row of the BALCONY!?!? So... uh - yeah - we are thinkin' we don't get to go... so - if you DI get to go Darcie - I want a bootleg copy! Yeah - that's right - I said it! I want a copy! (I'm serious! I know Dan can figure it out?!) LOL!


Darcie said...

LOL, a bootleg copy of Brian Regan. :op Sorry you can't come for Brian & turkey, I'll keep trying, lol!