Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tour De Fries

Hey there Everyone,

How are you all doing?! I am good...

Glad you all enjoyed the Goodie Box I sent to the Friday Night Crop... it was too much F-U-N putting it all together! I ended up going to see One Night With the King on Saturday afternoon because it was sold out on Friday night?! No... I did not go pre-buy my tickets... even though the thought DID occur to me?! Oh well - we spent the night at Borders... that is always a fun outing! We can hang there for HOURS... nice!!!

Saturday we DID get in to see the movie! SO good! I loved it... it was pretty much what I expected... I have read the book (Haddassah - One Night With the King - by Tommy Tenney) and they stayed fairly true to the book... we went with the whole fam' and one of my dd's friends - we all agreed it was good! Afterwards, we decided we wanted some SOFT Serve Ice Cream... now - we have all gone to Ron's - where you get the MONGO HUGE 1/2 Vanilla 1/2 Chocolate Soft Serve Monstrosity of a Cone... for like $0.69!? No joke?! (OK - well - maybe it is $1.69 - but still!? It's crazy?!) So - we decide to try somewhere ELSE... and we go to a little family run Stop-N-Go... (My dh's first place of employment... yeah - they should have burned that place down PLENTY of times...!?) So - we get - a SMALL... and still - it is RIDICULOUSLY huge?! Good... and well - you know how we all love a good deal?! But - you can't possibly eat the entire thing!? They also had a special on Fries... 'new breaded' fries!? OK - so we ordered a side of fries ...and we eat it all in the 'park'/parking lot grassy area because my dh says we HAVE to... yeah - we are all having a 'moment' together... we were making a memory!? LOL!? So - the fries are not all that... and come to find out - our friend has never had the Beer Battered Fries from Majors... oh my?! So - we end up going on a Tour De Fries... OK - not really! We just went to Major's on our way home for a side of Beer-Battered Fries... but we TALKED about doing a Tour De Fries... however, in the end - it just seemed wrong... especially after the ENORMOUS ice cream... plus - once you have the Major Fries... what else is there?! Nothing... nothing more to try because they win - every time - hands down! (Greasy hands down, at that!)

I have my Scrap Happy group on Thursday... yeah - so I had to take my camera to the photo shop and have prints made... love how I can plug in my memory stick and wait 5 minutes and have real pictures - big ones - little ones - whatever... right away! LOVE that! So - I have pre-printed my Journaling so I will be able to actually complete a layout while at the Group. I think this months Challenge will be to use Tags on a layout... seems simple enough - but at this point - most of them don't scrapbook at all... they just have all the stuff - so any incentive at all to get them to do one layout in between meetings is great! Last month, the Challenge was to use the answers from a questionnaire to make a page all about themselves! We'll see how many played!? I didn't tell them that if they play - they get a prize... (because I just decided!? LOL!?) I found a bunch of tags on clearance and so I bought some of those and so if they did the Challenge - they can win a Tag to complete the NEXT Challenge!? We'll see?!

Anyway - today is my 14th Wedding Anniversary... so that is where my focus is... we have actually lived together for 15 years... yeah - we lived together for nearly a year first...?! I know?! But - hey - we were new Christians and while I know it is 'wrong' - I also know that it made our first couple of years of marriage SO MUCH easier!? While I am not wealthy or famous or even skinny... LOL - I am blessed! I love my husband... he is truly one of my very best friends... I love nearly everything about him... he still makes me laugh - every single day - on purpose... he still can look at me from across a room and read my mind and make me blush without saying a word. He loves me when I am happy - and when I am sad... he is the best Dad I have ever seen and even when he loses his patience - my daughter never doubts his devotion and love for her! (nor do I!) I love him more now - than I did 14 - 15 years ago... we share everything... we honor each other and we work at our marriage... we keep it a priority and we protect it as much as possible! We are not perfect - we have had our arguments and hard times - but overall - I would not change a thing... all that we have gone through has brought us to where we are today - celebrating 14 years of Wedded Bliss and going strong!

So - I am off to enjoy the rest of the day... and page through my sad, simple, FIRST EVER Scrapbook Wedding Album!!!

Until next time, Scrap Happy people!!!!

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Darcie said...

tour de fries...sounds like my kind of weekend, LOL. Those Major's fries are pretty dang good-I havent' had any in years though!

Happy anniversary to you!!!
Tried to think up a little ditty for you (as na would say) but I'm too tired to be funny. :op