Monday, October 09, 2006

Update in Pictures...

An Update in Pictures...
Well... mostly!? (You know me... I love WORDS, too!?) Here are some pictures of my new bathroom/paint and those infamous Bunko Prizes...
I can't even remember what all I did on Friday - other than recuperate and pout from Bunko! I also had to put my house/furniture back in order... we did go out to dinner with some good friends... we went to El Porton - a great Mexican restaurant that is ALWAYS packed and always worth the wait too!
Saturday I read off & on... worked on some Bible Studies a bit...
Here are the books I am currently reading:

Bad Girls of the Bible (Liz Curtis Higgs) is really fun... a great mix of fiction and Scripture... of course I also have the Workbook that goes with it and that really brings in even more Scripture and study time! I am liking it... even more than I thought I would!

Captivating (Stasi Eldridge) is a great study as well - all about how God created us Female on purpose and just really so insightful and uplifting... and sure, challenging too! This is the second time I have gone through this study. The first time was in a large group - and this time is one on one with another friend... (it's great - but I am ready to move on!) Next we are going to go through "Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World" by Joanne Weaver... GREAT READ... I highly recommend it!

For fun... I am reading "The UnUsual Suspect" - a new book/biography by Stephen Baldwin. So - as you can imagine - it is a fun read!? LOL!? The guy is crazy - and highly entertaining! You have to sort of get over how he has not yet gotten over himself... he thinks pretty highly of himself at times... but God is doing an amazing work on and in and even through him... it's an enjoyable read!

I am also re-reading a book my hubby bought me a few years ago titled "The Secret Place"... by Dr. Dale Fife. The back reads: "You hunger to live in the presence of God. You yearn to know the Father's heart in an intimate way. You desire revelation and passionate encounters with the Almighty. you long to spend time in the Secret Place, getting to know the Father in a deeper way. This book will lead you into that place of revelation, the place that will satisfy your hunger for more of God." Yeah... who doesn't want THAT?! I vaguely remember reading this book when I first got it... but I think (shocker?!) that I must have been reading about 6 books at the time - so I can't recall specific things about the book... and I know there are specific things in there the God wants me to remember!

Anyway - Saturday afternoon we decided to go for a drive... get out of town... see the Fall Colors!

You all know how I LOVE that!!! So - we headed up Chinook Pass and drove to McDaniel Lake...which is more of a Pond this time of year - but the trees were gorgeous and we had fun!

Sunday our church went back to their normal 2 services... which meant that my husband had to get up earlier and head out for Choir sooner... which in turn, meant that the house was quiet longer and my daughter and I had an extra hour to get ready before heading out the door! The Service was good... went out to lunch with friends afterwards which is always a great way to wrap up church! It got really cold in the afternoon... I am talking take-a-nap, wrap-up-in-a-blanket, where-are-my-slippers, cold... it was NICE!!! Dave went to watch his Soccer Team play one of their last games and Kaye and I played a round (or three) of Scattegories... (Yes - Darice, I know... JELLY CABINET... I was with ya on that one!)

One thing that was different about this weekend was our precious pre-teen was grounded from TV all weekend long... yep - we are getting Attitude and waaaaayyyyy too many excuses, exaggerations, etc!? Oh My!? ...add to all of that HORMONES and well... we'll just start the mantra now... "Poor Dave!" whew?! However, we survived with little trouble... she read a lot more and spent some time in her room... she chatted on the phone and also did some computer stuff... not to mention play some family games and get in some one on one talking time with both parents!? Hmmm!? Pretty impressive considering she actually doesn't watch that much TV in the first place?! I'm talking maybe 1-1/2 hours after homework is done?! Amazing how much she can get done in that time?! The hardest part was she often goes next door to Grandma's for a snack, a visit, and a little Cable TV! LOL! That is usually happening on Saturday afternoon... which is one of the reasons we headed out for a drive... to keep her mind busy so she would not remember her normal routine!?

This week... well - I am going to HAVE to work on that "Secret Project"... hey?! Have any of you done any Lunch Box Albums!? I would love to see some examples!? I have yet to glue ANYTHING... LOL! I am busy gathering information and inputting Journaling!? Oh - and I did order my pictures from Leavenworth too... so I WILL have something to work on of my own soon too! Maybe this week!? (Of course.. that will mean I will have to find my Scrap Table again!? does it always disappear like that?! I think I need a Natalie?!... or maybe a BIGGER SPACE?! LOL?!)

Scrap Happy!


Darcie said...

Dang girl, I need to take notes as i read so I can comment appropriately, lol!

Books, I would LOVE to read that one by Steven Baldwin, I bet it is a riot. Bad Girls, read & love it. You gotta read Mad Mary too, fabulous. Captivating is still on my to-read list as well. I just finished Little Women (for the first time!) and am digging into that Ted Decker book next-yeah, the one with the eyeball thing you warned me about (I haven't started it just yet though).

Bathroom looks great, love the wings/heart wall hanging! It's amazing how different it looks with just a coat of paint?!

Pretty, pretty pictures of the lake, don't think I've been there before.

I just made my first lunchbox album, it's a recipe box. Turned out super cute too! The girls are coming to scrap on Friday, maybe one of them will upload a picture for me so you can see, lol.

Ok, that's all I remember for now, I may have to post again later, lol! i play bunco tommorow night, hopefully I will have better luck than you!?

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...


LOL! I know?! I am terrible... so much for a Photo Only update, huh!?
Me and all my 'words'?!?!

Yeah - Stephen Baldwin... ALWAYS entertaining! LOL! I am enjoying Bad Girls... I LOVE anything about Mary Magdalene so I know I would like Mad Mary... I just read Divine by Karen Kingsbury and it is a modern day novel about Mary... very good! Oooohh - Good... you simply MUST tell me what you think of that TDekker book asap!!! I can't talk about it without getting the Ya-ya's... I'm sure it is a great story if I could just get over that part?!

Thanks... I love my bathroom too... Got the Heart/Wings in Leavenworth... on the side there is an inscription that reads "You give my heart wings"... LOVE IT!!!! Although - I must say - I do not love my bathroom so much that I play 'games' like Natalie!?

I had never been to that lake either... it was more like a pond but apparently in the early summer - it is GORGEOUS!!!

Would LOVE to see pictures of your Recipe Lunch Box album! Did you use those stickers for it?!!?!

Oh - how was Bunko!? Did you WIN!??!?!