Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Captured & Counted - Day 16

Here is my Blessing -
Captured & Counted:

Day 16...

We have two friends who are off
this week to travel to foreign lands
- because they said "Send me, I will go!"
when the Lord whispered "Who shall I send?"

One friend is going to Africa...

Another friend & her hubby is off to Thailand... 

Even though we live on a tight budget
- we strongly believe in supporting the cause...
to spread the Love of God to those
who don't know what they don't know
So this blessing is counted
because we make room in our budget
to be able to give...
to send...
& it is also counted
because we are believing that this offering
will multiply supernaturally
as they need it!

What do you make a priority to sow into
either financially, or otherwise?


1 comment:

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Awesome, Karrilee! Supporting in causes we believe in is such a great way to spread His love!