Monday, October 29, 2012

Captured & Counted - Day 29

So - after a full day of photo editing on the computer,
today, "Day 29,"
THIS is what I
Captured & Counted:

Aaah yes!!!
FRESH Brand New Contacts!
{Insert the ever popular "I can SEE!" squeal here!)

I was born with cataracts,
& actually had both of my natural lenses
removed when I was a teenager,
so I NEED to have contacts to function!
I am not able to do MUCH without my 'eyes' in,
& after a full month, AND a long day on the computer,
these babies felt like MAGIC
(...magic I tell you!)
in my 'special eyes'!

I am also thankful for a friend
who does Yoga & weights with me
on Monday afternoons now...
but because I love her...
(well, & you)
I have no photographic evidence of this!
(...& you're welcome!)


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