Saturday, October 27, 2012

Captured & Counted... Day 27!

I am 'pre-writing' this post this morning...
because I already KNOW what I will capture & count,
but it will not happen until this evening
& I am pretty sure my little family
will not want me sitting
at the computer all evening!

Sure... I could have snapped a few pictures
of My Honey & I, sitting together relaxing this morning...
coffee & stacks of books & slippers
& a happy fat cat laying on his back
purring away to let all know of his contentment!
I could have snapped a shot of my amazingly awesome girlie,
up early on a Saturday - dressed in work clothes,
headed out the door to not only get to work on time, but early!

But I was too busy counting gifts and being in the moment...
and I KNOW I will have my camera in hand
for much of the late afternoon & early evening!
You see, my moment - Captured & Counted will go here:

{The Prayer of Blessing}

...& it will show proof of my first ever Wedding gig!
I was asked to take 'just a few shots' of an informal wedding
for a friend from high school days...
she is mostly wanting just enough photographs for me
to make a couple of Scrapbook Pages for her to frame & display!

To capture joy & love & story...
What an Honor to be asked & trusted with such a special day!


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