Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Keeping Count of Random Blessings! (Day 10 of Captured & Counted!)

Well... here we are... Day 10...
One (lesser) blessing
I am counting today
is Pinterest!
Yes... Pinterest! LOL!
I have found such inspiration there
& have managed to find
some pretty amazing,
fun projects & Honey-Do's! 

The latest one is really what
brought about todays' Blessing
Captured & Counted!

I found this amazing Honey-Do...
a 'mantle' Bed frame!
I loved it & I thought,
"Hey - My Honey can do that!"
Luckily - he agreed...
so he has been busy working on
this little project for me...

Because it is almost done
we started to unassemble
the LAST bed project I did
(thanks to Christopher Lowell & HGTV!
Yeah... that's right...
it was a LONG time ago...
so I was due!)
But our daughter
- who is a Senior in HS
& is facing a LOT of change this year,
got a bit teary eyed at the thought of
my Bed canopy coming down!
So - before we actually finished
taking it down,
she wanted to re-enact a photo... 

Precious = Then and Now!

...& her love for tradition & memories
& the-way-things-have-always-been
in the face of so many changes =
Priceless to this Momma's Heart!

What Project or Treasure have YOU
discovered on Pinterest?

Have you actually followed through
with any of your Pins
and if so, how did it turn out?


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