Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Captured & Counted - 31 Days (The Wrap Up!)

Wow... 31 Days... gone, in the blink of an eye - or the click of my camera ...already!?

When I stumbled upon this challenge - this invitation... this call - to write, every day, for 31 days in October, something in me stirred with excitement! I found this on Emily Freeman's blog, which led me to TheNester and this idea to pick a topic, and write.  (Seriously - click those links... bookmark them or better yet, subscribe! You will be glad you did!)

So - two things immediately came to mind... first off - the obvious: My LOVE for all things Autumny!  Second, because along with the above mentioned amazing women, I have recently discovered Ann Voskamp & am reading through her 'one thousand gifts' - I wanted to count some everyday gifts... or blessings that maybe would 'normally' go unnoticed. Once I thought on those two themes, I realized my renewed passion for using my camera would lend itself to both! So, in classic over-achiever style, I decided NOT to decide and do both! Here - on this blog, I chose "Captured & Counted" and hopefully you walked through October with me, reading along and counting some of your own maybe unacknowledged daily blessings!  On my other blog, Abiding Love, Abounding Grace, I chose to go with my love for Fall and titled my 31 Days there "31 Days Reasons to fall for Autumn"

Now - keep in mind here, while I have HAD these blogs for years, I had quite honestly fallen out of the habit of posting on a consistent (even weekly - sometimes monthly) basis.  It was sheer madness to even consider doing ONE - but to bite off TWO? Well... it all just seemed to be falling into place and one blog post lended itself to the other and I felt myself spinning into a vortex of overwhelming Mojo!

Well - on most days...

OK - maybe not most... but at least HALF(...ish?)

Still... even on this, the last day, I am glad that I did them both!  My girlie is now knee deep in SAT studying and my focus will now shift a bit to helping her with college apps and all things scholarship... plus my hubby DID say just yesterday that he has missed me this month... I have spent more time online than is normal (or even possibly healthy) in addition to a new business and a busy regular life on top of it all! And yet - even on the late nights, and the OVER THE TOP CRAZY of Thursday night #FMFParty Five Minute Friday posts and TweetChats... I felt a sense of purpose.

I hope that you have ventured along with me... Capturing and Counting... and maybe even over on my other blog - Falling for Autumn along with me!

For a FULL Recap of each day of this Captured & Counted 31 Day series, click HERE and you will see every post through out October!

Feel free to comment and let me know if these little blessings are among your daily gifts as well!

You can click HERE to read all of my 31 Reasons to Fall for Autumn series...

and feel free to share what things YOU love about Fall in the comments there!


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