Thursday, October 25, 2012

Captured & Counted... Day 25

So - today - I had my camera with me all day...
however it was never turned on!
Well - not when I had planned for it to be anyway!
I DID manage to snap a few pix
to acknowledge my drinking problem:


Freshly Juiced Fruits & Veggies...

Crisp, cool clean Water...

These are the things I am sipping on
all day, ev'ryday
& I'm very grateful for each of them!
I also love tea... hot or cold...
& I'm just so thankful that I have access
to these beverages
(all day, ev'ryday!)

But I had HOPES of snapping pictures
on my gorgeous drive through apple orchards
to go visit a friend...
a friend I have not seen for
(gasp? Can it be true?)
over 20+ years now...
& hopes of snapping pictures of us together,
& pieces of our day spent chatting
& catching up & reconnecting
our kindred spirits & hearts...
but the camera remained in bag, on counter,
for the whole of our afternoon!
it's in the real heart-to-heart Capturing,
that real memories are made!

So... what did YOU
Capture & Count today...
whether on film,
or in your heart?


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