Thursday, October 18, 2012

Captured & Counted - Day 18

I had a day all planned out...
it included a lot of working
with a short break penciled in
for maybe a little Yoga
or a quick workout.
Then a friend stopped by
wanting to go for a walk.
Instead of a stroll around
the neighborhood
or at a local park,
she suggested we walk
the Canyon.

I love the Canyon!
I haven't been TO the Canyon
for about one and a half years.
The last time I was there,
I was trying my hand
at trail running.
In the midst of LOVING it,
I slipped and fell,
badly spraining my wrist.
Even today - Push Ups or
too many Downward Dogs
can cause
soreness and pain
to return.

I realized in the moment of my hesitation
that I had attached a fear of falling
to my everyday life.
I gave up running that day,
& I had not returned
to hike along the Canyon either!
However, as this began
to come into focus,
I made the decision to

So hiking pole
in hand
for any
needed extra
balance or support,
we headed out!

While the Views are breathtaking
this time of year...


it was THIS view that I loved the best!

You see, this was where I fell.
I walked past it, unharmed... 
continued on, enjoying the views,
& climbed back up it
on the way home.
No fear...
no slipping...
no longer bound!

Victory... in even the small things
brings Freedom!

Captured & Counted!

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Kim Niles said...

I loved this, Sis! :D