Sunday, October 28, 2012

Captured & Counted... Day 28

Day 28...
of 31 Days.
I can't believe we are almost through
this month of daily capturing a blessing...
a gift... an everyday something
in my 'regular' life that I stop,
take note of (1000 Gifts style)
and Count!

I'm not so sure I will want to STOP this practice...
I may not - well, let's be honest -
I will not post every single day...
but I WILL be counting every day...
and I hope this month's series
has inspired you to do the same!
The photo's are bonus...
a fun, visual way to capture
that which has captured your attention
for the day... the moment...
and reminded you that you are, in fact, truly blessed!

Today - again... my camera is filled with Wedding shots,
and my day is filled with Editing...
but before I opened Photoshop,
I sat down with my girlie,
and opened the Word.
We soaked a bit in His Presence
and asked Him some questions...
and then we waited...
and He spoke.
We both wrote in our journals what
He said to us & rested in His Presence
before getting ready for work!

So while I was in the moment,
I stayed there... in that moment,
but these were among my Blessings,
Captured & Counted
this foggy quiet Sunday morning:

(I would also like to say - I counted
being able to watch the Championship match
with Serena and Maria while
'working' with wedding pix too!)

How was your Sunday?
What blessings can you count and acknowledge today?


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