Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Day 3 - Captured & Counted (31 days)

Ahhh... this little stack of books along with my Bible
are beckoning me to come sit awhile this morning!
I have a VERY bossy list of many things to do today...
the temptation is to not make the time...
to press on to the urgent...
and yet I know... I have learned...
when I make the time, and rest with Him
before the start of my day
He makes the lists seem less Bossy
and the Pressing Urgency (my yoke)
is traded for Peaceful Unctions (His Yoke)!

A little Quiet time to Read, Soak, Write, & Hear!
Blessing Captured & Counted!


1 comment:

Jessica B said...

I have been wanting to read One Thousand Gifts. Hope you got to sit and enjoy some good reads on this day.